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Found 8 results

  1. OK, ship combat sort of works but I have a few bugs/gripes: 1. When boarding, there is no correlation between enemy crew to number of encountered enemies. I can mow down an entire crew of 6 and while boarding 12 full health enemies will be waiting while my side will be a random half of my crew. Numbers feel somewhat random and higher level ships seem to spawn enemies out of thin air no matter what happened before I boarded. 2. Chance to hit is completely off and 100% shots(expert cannoneers at optimal range) miss a LOT while causing low damage to enemies whose novice crew outside optimal range somehow eat up my ship. 3. Hullbreaker and the Hognose cannons have the same stats but different prices...though I can swear the Hullbreaker does more damage somehow. Hidden stats? 4. Gripe - While boarding all ships are the same size...I understand the limitations, but c'mon. And that's it for now.
  2. I saw this on reddit last night. It looks like they are re-vamping ship combat: So apparently you can: 1) Board for no damage. 2) Enter ship combat as per the norm. 3) Intimidate to gain money/resources without combat. 4) Parley to try and get ships to stop attacking you without combat. Looks pretty snazzy. I hope they will fix ship combat to avoid loosing some unique items if you choose to not board. EDIT: It appears that this was part of the patch that got rolled back that also included turn-based combat.
  3. Is it possible to do a complete circle around an enemy ship if you are fast enough? For example, My starboard side is facing the enemy port side. I want to reposition to his starboard side while keeping my starboard facing him. Is this possible?
  4. I need to take out a enemy ship that is a lot stronger than mine. Their crew is also stronger so I can't board it. My plan is to take out it's sails real quick to render it dead in the water. After that I want to put my ship in safety with the broad side facing the enemy's aft. From there I intend to bombard it till it sinks. So I can kill it's sails before it destroys me but then I don't know how to place my ship behind the enemy. Anyone good with sailing? Let's say the starting position is the two ships with broadsides facing each other and from there you want to put your ship behind the enemy's aft.
  5. One: Ship Combat Upgrade. First, replace the scripting ship combat with zoomed-in real-time isometric ship combat, with a selection of (editable) AI options. Remove "close to board" as an approach option and instead only make it available when you've actually gotten your ship alongside the enemy. Additionally, make attacking ships matter for your reputation — both faction rep and disposition. There should be options to be an all-out pirate, a privateer, or an actual hero who doesn't, y'know, sink merchants just to get more swords, hats, and coats to sell at the nearest fish shop. Towards that end, there should be many more ships at sea, including some that are full of vampires, vessels, and clearly hostile wilders. And make the latter come to you and chase you down some of the time (as would ships from factions that aren't happy with you). Seriously, I'd happily pay $25 for this upgrade. Two: Free form pirate mode This is a little different, but it's basically a request to get some replay out of the fun character class and combat engine. Maybe this would be part of the above, or maybe it'd be its own thing. Either way, I'd pay. The idea is: 1. You create a whole crew, with five character-class characters and a complement of ship's crew. No pre-gen companions, just all roll-your-own. 2. There's a randomly-generated map — islands could stay as in the main game, but add completely randomized encounter maps. Use the existing maps, throw in thematic enemies at random. Give XP for clearing each of these. 4. Keep Neketaka, Port Maje, etc., but limit interaction to merchants and inns. Maybe have the bounty-assigners available. 5. And have lots of ships to attack and otherwise interact with. Possibly you could pick a faction alignment to start. 6. Level-capped: when you get to the top of the XP ladder, you're given a leader-board score and are done. Sure, the main story of the game is great — and don't get me wrong, I love its depth and wouldn't be playing PoE without it — but it doesn't really invite constant replay. A mode like this would be fun and exploits the existing depth of the game engine to create a new experience.
  6. Hi, I don't post often but I have had some time on my hands and was crunching a little bit of data on cannons and am sharing that here. Please let me know if you have any issues getting to the image. [Attached] (tried to put the link in here but I am not allowed .png or .jpg extensions. I'll read on what I can do some more and see if I can get the image in here). https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eHih8eyfU7Q11i80PUeAk8o2VeihJaFE This is a heatmap for each cannon's damage out to 24 turns. This does assume 100% hits which while that is not how combat usually goes, it does allow you to see the potential of each cannon and have a level field for comparison between them. I do not take range into account here, only optimal damage over time. Also in the folder is the Excel file which has additional data and you can see how I did the calculations (I am sure there is a cleaner way, but I need to put some more thought into it). IMO, when choosing a cannon for your ship you need to take into account how you intend to wage your battles. If you want to get to shooting right away you need to pick a long range cannon like the Iron Thunderer or the Imperial Long Gun. Or, you can brave a rush to close quarters and unleash massive damage with the Magranite Flamethrower. However, be advised that if your ship is slow, or has no hull upgrades you may find yourself in Ondra's cold embrace. I think there are only a few "bad" choices here, again use tactics that optimize your cannon's potential. The Aedyr Channel Gun to me is one of the worse choices, if you want long range cannons get the Imperial Long Gun rather. Observations I and others have made: If you are going to board keep an eye on the number of crew the opposing ship has. Use grapeshot to reduce it and time the boarding action when this number is small. I find that having shorter ranged cannon is advantageous to this, and that it doesn't seem to matter how powerful the cannon is with grapeshot (unless you hit the sails with it instead of crew). If you find that your chance to hit is low there are two things I know can improve it. Hold for one turn prior to firing. And, make sure the range is between the minimum and maximum range listed for your cannon(s). Oh, also the skill level of your cannoneer is key. Choose a cannon that matches the jibe speed of your ship, remember the reload you are measuring is between your first shot and the hold prior to shooting "that" broadside again. If you are up against a much higher level captain or a crew too big to overcome in a boarding action use chain shot to immobilize the ship, then you can either escape or use cannon balls to sink them. Fast ships, like the Defiant and Voyager, are harder to hit and can both close for a boarding action faster and, if needed, have a better chance to flee the engagement. The Voyager's unique front/rear cannon allows you to keep a slim profile while taking out the enemies sails and/or crew. more to come... Thanks for your contributions! 1TTFFSSE Kaylon thundercheese Oriz I hope you find this useful. And, I am happy to respond to any questions or receive any comments or constructive criticism. -Toadbat Edit Log: 8/2/2018 - Updated title; cleaned up some grammar; attached heatmap; added additional observations and credits
  7. I tried lowering the difficulty from Veteran to Normal because I was getting destroyed by all the rifles in boarding battles. Subsequently, when trying to reassign my crew to different positions during ship combat, the option to accept the new positions was always greyed out and unclickable. Reloading a save immediately before I changed the difficulty did not fix the problem but restarting the game did. After restarting I could reload a save from before or after the difficulty change without encountering the bug. While playing on veteran I encountered Beggar Winfrith just after the meeting with the gods on the way to Neketaka. I lost the boarding battle horribly so I reloaded the autosave from just after the gods convo and changed the difficulty down to normal. I then tried to fight Winfrith in a ship battle instead but found I couldn't reassign my crew to the cannons. I believe I initially changed the difficulty while I was on the world map rather than in my cabin but I'm not certain.
  8. What's the point of it? I attacked a Dhow with my little sloop, managed to get close and board, killed the crew, and suddenly this ship that I just emptied is gone? Even though one of the very first encounters with pirates, they board your ship with the express purpose of taking your ship. The game pretty much hints at the idea of being able to take other ships, then suddenly doesn't allow you to?
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