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  1. Well, human kind in world of Eternity is separated into three types: Meadowfolk, Oceanfolk and Savannahfolk. Asian one is savannah folk (called Natlan in-game term). They are physically similar to Native American (Aztec, Inca, Maya) or Asian people. They come from savannah plains (called Ixamitl) and they made monk class (first monk representative were Ixamitlans). But there is also other Natlan community living in a country known as Readceras. Because it was a colony of Aedyr Empire for many years ago, they speak other language (Aedyran) and have different customs from their Ixamitlan cousins
  2. Paladin of Shieldbearers of St. Elcga (diplomacy is one of the celebrated behaviour). I don't remember if one of priest deity has diplomacy required. In fact you can be diplomatic with any classes. It is one kind of reputation, not atrribute. If you want to create a character, who will be lore wise and talking much (as mine) you need to max Intellect (because it often comes with lore skill --> you need it max too), next Perception (it helps to find new information like more details on some quests, someone's opinion or lying to you). Resolve is good complement of 'diplomatic' character,
  3. Their origin is unknown, they are believed to be created by divine intervention. There is no direct proof of it. They have biologically mother and father like all ordinary living creatures. I think people believe they are from gods because their appearance fits into variety of gods domains.
  4. Well, In POE world there are some people who called themselves Faithless. They believe gods shouldn't be worshipped or need no worship by mortals. Gods tend to punish Faithless souls for some kind of their 'atheism', not allowing to rebirth after death correctly. Because of it majority of people worshipped any gods in fear of their powers. Classic atheism (like in our world) doesn't exist in POE lore, because gods existence IS scientific fact as reincarnaction or soul, it is not a matter of faith in modern understanding (believe). I think people only debate about gods real impact on their
  5. I like idea of multiple beginnings depending on POE1 endings. It could work as origins in Dragon Age 1, which led you to main storyline in one point. I am sure Josh said somewhere he would like to make POE similar to BG saga, continuing story with the same character.
  6. There were some topics about main character and one about gods as I remember. I will be not original then: Name: Serafin Race: Moon Godlike Class: Priest of Eothas (aren't there too much Eothasians now?) Background: Dissident from Ixamitl Personality: Passionate, Benevolent/ Chaotic Good (D&D) My character rebelled against Ixamitl social order very early (castes, hierarchy, power of nobles, tradition, religion), joining 'the underground resistance movement' in mature age. They were known from their scandalous actions of insulting the authorities. Fight for a ne
  7. They reduced priest offensive nature (I don't like it, I prefer that one in recent builds where it was average). If you want to build battle priest I think you should invest in one hand weapon (I had a spear with additional accuracy) and shield, and then take a defensive talent with that style (must have), it increases priest's deflection and reflex. And good medium or heavy armor (I used scale armor and brigantine, but scale is less heavy, you can quickly switch between casting and fighting). Brigantine is the best (your health and endurance goes down rarely), but you cast not so fast (but no
  8. If you buy Polish game (digital or physical, ie. Edycja Awanturnika/Adventurer's Edition) it always uses Steam, Cenega (a publisher in Poland) confirmed it. There is no DRM free (until you buy it from GOG.com or are a backer with Obsidian copy). I have some other Cenega games (Risen trilogy, TES series) and they are both English/Polish/Czech version, so you should be able to see English subtitles. Cenega is known in Poland from giving choice to play game in English/Polish at least.
  9. There is a dream sequence (scripted interaction) when you reach Gilded Vale shown in Jessy Cox's gameplay (it was cut from the stream because of spoilers).
  10. In the beta cipher has more impact on solving one of the quests, not available for other classes. Skaen priest has also unique dialog with some NPCs.
  11. Maybe cyberpunk? Like Shadowrun? Or pure steampunk (but PoE has small elements of it). Or more futuristic, SF game. I would like to see something like Matrix movies (but not postapocalyptic).
  12. I have the same but with Polish translation. Specific location names are not in original, which sounds bad and unnatural (no Dyrwood or Dyrford). I haven't looked for other languages so much, but if there is the same thing, I think that translations aren't made by country distributor. I don't know how in Italian, but in my language names of places are often literally translated what sounds not so good I would like to. Stormwall Gorge is for example better without 'wall' translated in Polish (Storm Gorge). I looked once at German translation and I remember Dyrwood translated to Dyrwald (it is n
  13. I was playing yesterday and I got this bug too for the first time. Yeah the spear if enchanted wisely can be really deadly weapon
  14. I think you got bug. If you have save before fight with Vithrack, you can try again. Or maybe it didn't add to your stash and still is in Vithrack body (not looted corpses should be visible on the ground or loot 'pile' if they aren't there).
  15. Have you got soul vessel? You need to kill Vithrack (Nridek) with spiders. They are on lower level of ruins (you have to go through tunnel in the room with symbols and stairs)
  16. I think they changed his portrait in the last stream with Josh Sawyer. He looks worse for me when compared with portrait from update about chanters and priests.
  17. I was thinking about it, because in recent build I could enchant boots (of long march). In present I can't make any enchanting on it Only armor and weapon.
  18. There is cipher companion. Mine: priest (me), fighter, chanter, druid, wizard, paladin.
  19. I have mixed feeling about TOSC, I prefer expansion continuing main storyline like MoB or DA: Awakening (yeah, TOB was really disappointing). I hope extra story will be more consistent like in HoW. In TOSC I only liked werewolves quest and Durlag's Tower. TOB was bad because it had only action, action and action.
  20. I agree game is easier it was before (normal feels like former easy for me now), but I always got hard beating from Wymund and his band in beta. And they are only priests With some really annoying support chanter, cipher and so on. This fight is maybe too overpowered. And potions are hard to use (I have problems with them) because of recovery. Healing from priest is faster than that, until you wears brigantine (it terribly slows casting).
  21. I've been wondering the same thing. Some rpg's it feels mandatory to actually have the "priest" class in party, some it doesn't. I think it's must have. Only priest can heal your party (many AOE spells) and has good buffs. You can try with chanter too, but I prefer priest-chanter combo. Chanter invocations are like priest spell (so good), but they are limited by chants Their only superior thing is Ancient memory with Beloved Spirits talent (it is better than Holy Radiance). Priest has also spells against status effects, very useful in hard encounters and so on. Priest is really hard to rep
  22. I agree rouge is unnecessary now, when we have Mechanic skill available for everyone. My party: - Me (a priest) - fighter - chanter (ancient memory makes you 'immortal'!) - paladin (good support for fighter, high defenses and can do much harm) - druid (must have! many status effects and AOE!) - wizard (classic)/maybe cipher
  23. Well, I was laughing when I saw this. Really, Obsidian? You gave us brothel services with NO romance with companions (With no race restrictions of course ). But maybe there is some kind of 'romance plot' if we often make use of services. Still I cannot imagine a reaction to my Godlike when he enters there
  24. Strange. He usually plays AAA games on his console and I don't expected him to play indie games. But if he likes POE, there will be no reason to be sad I hope he will not crush this game in his review because he doesn't know he can use a pause in combat
  25. Josh said that he wanted to tie companions with locations like it was in NWN2: Mask of Betrayer (see Gann and Skein or Okku and Ashenwood). I saw on the January Twitch stream our companions giving us automatically their quest (see Sagani) or when we went to the appropriate location connected to them (see Kana). Durance and probably Eder had their quest started before as we could see in journal. I like that idea. Because it gives me as a player possibility to know better those companions even if I don't take them everywhere. I can't stand situation when I have to take one of the companions and
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