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  1. Or something with adra core. About colors: now I doubt if they have something with companions identity. Too many similar shades for me.
  2. Mix of vailian, aedyran, engwithan and huana letters. I'm curious if they are associated with POE2 companions. There are 8 letters at all. And we have Eder's today.
  3. Eder, Durance, Aloth and Pallegina fit nice. Best class from lore point of view is cipher. But you can go what you want.
  4. Many unique dialog works as you said. There is no unique solution of quest (rearly rarly, mainly for cipher ). Well dwarf cleric with clergyman background (Aedyr only) fits the best - it is natural extension of your 'priesthood'. Devotee falls in with passionate personality trait mainly, sometimes benevolent and agressive (that's for jerks). Reactivity is in big part cosmetic in POE. Sad but true. White March tries to do something with that in some points for some classes. I wish there had been priest god or paladin order's specific quest. It could have done justice for our grief.
  5. As I remember Calisca's sister has some dialog for Wayfarers. It's true POE has no huge reactivity except for ciphers. When I played first time I was very upset with that but for now I ended game with 4 Watchers Making concept of my characters helped me a lot plus White March expansion.
  6. Priest is for buffing and debuffing enemies + healing. If build well they can be good killing machines but not tank. On higher levels get more nice offensive spells. It's one of powerful classes in the game now besides druid and wizard. Paladin is 'limited warrior priest'. They are leaders what means they are to protect their allies and curse their enemies. Paladin is more tanky but less challenging from priest. Paladin has also high level abillity to destroy spirits. And soulbound two handed sword can destroy vessel --> undead. Fighter is fighter. A lot of abilities to prone enemie
  7. Yes, in White March you have awesome soulbound two handed sword + unique soulbound breastplate later or some very good one handed sword. What is it? Check it yourself For paladin I suggest heavy armor like brigantine, plate armor or breastplate. Two handed weapon (estoc for example is superb) or weapon + shield (like mace, sabre or sword). Heavy armor with two handed weapon slows character but gives solid protection and damage that's why some points in dexterity would be good. In my gameplay I have Pallegina (she's paladin companion). She fights with two handed sword but I give her shield +
  8. Main plot has scalling. Od Nua is challenging and optional content. You only need to go to level one to Maerwald. Then you have to go to Defiance Bay to find Woedica's temple. It's under Copperlane in catacombs. If it's too hard for you try Story Time - it's out with 3.0 version patch and next. Enemies are weakier, status effects are nerfed as you are 'overpowered'. Tested it in solo run. And what's more you can always change difficulty later
  9. Well, do you want spoilers? I recommend you to move on with main plot because there is something bigger than personal story at all. It is like a tree - from trunk to treetop. White March has same scheme but much better made. I hardly suggest not dive into Defiance Bay then. Try only look at three factions in the city - they are important for plot - Knights of the Crucible (they are in First Fires), Doemenels (Brackenbury) and the Dozen (Copperlane). But go with main plot. For disposition I suggest choosing two of them, they can shape your character pretty nicely (my Eothasian was pass
  10. I think there is no Wael option but some characters can react to you. I did see only dialogues for Eothas, Magran and Skaen. Didn't for Wael and Berath. But as I said there could be reactions instead.
  11. About boon I read somewhere that you can't have other god's boon to get Wael's one. Never try that in game to confirm.
  12. That's only for vanilla game. I would recommend cipher, but if you like paladin go with Kind Wayfarer.
  13. Yeah, it's no so good as it should be which is sad because of story (it fits Eothasian character indirectly). Expansions have some kind of improvement over reactivity that lacks in vanilla game (races, classes, atributtes). I can say that story fits perfectly for orlan cipher. As I said the best cleric roleplay had Magranic priest all of them. I really recommend you buying White March. You have higher level cap too, the story is better, combat is better, loot is better, everything is better there. That's only a suggestion. And roleplay
  14. I think Magran has the best roleplay. For Eder I think they changed that dialog a bit (maybe it shows only when you have both expansions or appropriate patch?). Priest of Eothas is made poorly for that game, they lack reactions when they are neeeded. There are two expections - one in vanilla POE in major side quest and one in White March expansion which has some nice impact for the plot of WM part II.
  15. Well, if you don't play on POTD you can switch to Story Time to beat quickly that section.
  16. I have 400. Yeah, the Abbey was pain in the ass same as Galvino's lair. I think developers have some problems with dungeon encounters turning them into hack and slash massacre. Some levels of Od Nua were tuned nicely. Overall WM has better fights than POE minus Galvino & Abbey. Cragholdt was insane too but I liked it. POTD was very fun but challenging especially in expansions.
  17. I am not familiar with modding but I heard POE is very hard to make mods. I read someone's post who wanted to create new class and it was a nightmare. I agree there is potential to be unlocked and game looses much without that. I guess POE2 will be better with modding.
  18. Well I don't want to spoil much but you can loose one of your companions at the end of WM2. Their survivial depends on statistics, White Forge choice or special item you can get by one of side quest. I suggest hiring an adventurer for WM2 ending and making dirty job for you
  19. Their power is gained by their faith. That's why priests of Eothas can work without their god. For classes I love paladin, priest and druid. Cipher is fun for lore but I don't like class mechanics. Paladin has fantastic roleplay, endurance in combat and nice abilities. Druid is killing machine, spiritshift is insanly good, a lot of spells makes life easier. Finally I decided for priest because I remember how hard POTD was without this class (especially last fight and expansions). Best buffs, best debuffs, good roleplaying, insane healing on higher levels. I like priest for still waters run
  20. You're correct. Miecz means sword. Mieczysław means Glorified by Sword, someone who is great warrior or will be. It origins from Slavic roots of Polish culture.
  21. -suffix.-fire.-sleeping / marriage / traditional lore... Kana Roa something? edit: It's Maori. Knew it the moment I got Whakamoe. Actually a fascinating culture that one, shame there are no games based around them-except Pillars' acronym brother-Path of Exile. Deadfire Archipelago? Josh twitted about that.
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