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  1. I'm sticking to my pet theory that Eothas have been split into the twin gods of Retribution and Mercy. Some assembly required indeed. Sounds like Anders from DA2 to me.
  2. Main problems are: a) Waidwen was Eothas avatar/servant --> so Waidwen is dead, Eothas is dead (popular belief) vs. Waidwen is dead, Eothas is not dead (worshippers) ---> silence as a result of death or unknown reason in second theory. b) Waidwen was not Eothas avatar ---> so Waidwen is dead, Eothas is not dead (logic)---> still silence of unknown reason (not as effect of avatar being or divine death) vs. Waidwen is dead, Eothas is dead --> I have no idea what think about it. LESS POSSIBLE THEORIES c) Waidwen is alive, Eothas is alive ---> silence, because Wai
  3. I think worshippers all over the world haven't heard him since 15 years, although they still believe Eothas lives, he only do not speak to them anymore from some reason. I guess when a god takes human form it is normal for that god to be silent when being beyond the Shroud, but in case of Eothas his silence is much longer after death of Waidwen's body (I guess god should have returned to Hel after end of incarnation and normally speak to his followers then). His worshippers also accept fact that Waidwen was Eothas incarnation (in general). There is some kind of paradox between Waidwen-Eothas r
  4. I have feeling that those things were poorly explained or left for collector's book. It's a shame after beating the game I learned nothing new about Aedyr. Only Rauatai was well done in conversation with Kana, Vailian Republics partially and Naasitaq. Zero objective information about Readceras, its colonial history, people and habits in game, it went to collector's book (Durance is too subjective and serves as opinion like Eder). About political system: Aedyr is kingdom (hereditary monarchy) ruled by king and queen Vailian Republics are cities-states ruled by ducs, have five grand cit
  5. Are they natives or colonists? If they are colonists, from wich empire? My character isn´t an amnesiac moron, I think a basic historical context should be clear for the player from the begining, since this is an adult game with a deep political background. I´m a noble from Old vailia and until today I though that it was one of the vailian republics. I´ve been working for that embassy and helping pallegina like a retard. Both (natives and colonists, think about modern people of South America, it's pretty close what happened with Readceras through years). Readceras is north east of Dyr
  6. Priests do not gain power directly from a god, but from their beliefs and faith. Eothas is not dead, his condition is truly unknown, even collector's book mentions that. He may be dead, may be alive, may be hiding, may exist between life and death realms or gone into somewhere. People of Eora don't know what exactly happened to him after Godhammer. If he wasn't Waidwen (I really doubt of it) that's interesting why he hasn't spoken to his followers since 15 years and even more to make situation clear.
  7. My theory is like that (basing on collector's book info and Durance quest info) Eothas is a younger god (look that he is shown as young man) created after gods rebelled against Woedica. In Engwithan plans he supposed to be 'second light version of Woedica', because he wears a CROWN as the ONLY god except for The Queen that Was - a symbol of power, in his case sun and stars. Collector's book says that because of it Eothas was not accepted by other gods - he probably became alienated among them (maybe that's why he is not in Council of Stars, but I think it has more connection with his condi
  8. I don't know about the Valian Republics, but the idea of setting a sequel elsewhere sounds good to me. In fact, depending on how ambitious they were, why not 2 or 3 different areas? Also, while the NPC's in PoE weren't bad, I'm not exceedingly attached to them, plus the fact that the ending made it appear that they each went on with their own lives after the events of PoE. So why not just go with a totally new set of companion NPCs in a sequel? The advantage of this, to reference Luckmann's concern, is that the writers don't have to make any assumptions about who your PC's clos
  9. I want a sequel set in the Mystical Land of Frolicking Naked Nymphs Ixamitl. I think they will go to Eastern Reach countries. I guess Republics or Readceras or White March (but it isn't country anymore). Canon ending? Don't think so. All endings have the same effect - stopping the Hollowborn crisis. It doesn't matter if it was Hylea, Berath, Galawain and so on from future perspective.
  10. I want a sequel set in the Mystical Land of Frolicking Naked Nymphs Ixamitl. I think they will go to Eastern Reach countries. I guess Republics or Readceras or White March (but it isn't country anymore).
  11. I would explode from joy if they made TV series (I liked DA Redemption with Felicia Day in spite of its low bugdet), not talking about full movie. But I guess comic book is cheaper than making whole series/movie unless Unity allows making computer-animated movies.
  12. I still count on Cadegund mod. And romance with her for male version Durance is awesome character but romance with him would be very... explosive :D Even for another Magranite, not speaking about Eothasian. It's crazy! But I will test such mod if it appears.
  13. On RPG Codex forums there are many accusations about 21st century mentality in Renaissance/Middle-Age setting. For example having reincarnation themes and Western mentality instead Eastern. But I think that Dragon Age setting made it much worse than Eora of POE. One good setting with reincarnation theme and more Eastern mentality/culture was Bioware forgotten child - Jade Empire.
  14. High resolve (min. 15) and Intellect nedeed. Many dialogs base on them. Sometimes Perception and lore skill.
  15. I think its adra pillars or maybe more in metaphor the Wheel of Berath.
  16. I ask myself if deities are even capable of recognizing the soulless as alive, though. Not that you can tell before birth, or.. huhmm.. that's a good question, actually, why wouldn't animancers be able to tell if a child has a soul before it's born? I think there are some traces to recognize that children USUALLY have soul before birth. Godlike case. They are what they are because their soul was transformed before birth not after. They are born with visible, phisicial signs of their divinity, so they can be killed later. Imagine how many of them had lived if they would have got those sign
  17. It is interesting. Some options called benevolent or honest (Eothas disposition) in the game could make someone harm when decepetive in some case has more positive effects than following deity path. I remember it was told that priest faith is more open to interpretation that paladin, so I guess there are some Eothasians resisting abortion and some who grant permission to it in some cases. But we do not know official stand from their god, but I guess again because of Eothas portfolio: a god of (re)birth, as a Gaun he watches over young life not dying too early, BUT he takes people who want to d
  18. It would be okey if there were more unique dialogs, espiacially with companions (huge dissapointment), minor with faction or something, not necessarily some quest options or changes in plot. I think that people who discover who we are should respond to us with aversion, contempt but not with extreme hostility. For example Rumbald gives you a weapon he fought in Saint's War. We refuse to take it, Rumbald starts to suspect us of being Eothasian and becames unpleasant. Durance should even call me names like Vicionia in BG2. When you see how he speak out about Eothasians there is no doubt h
  19. I still hope for Eothasian priest role-play mod. I am interested especially in companion reactions and Dozens faction. Even Magran priest has some unique dialogs with Durance at the beginning and at the end of his quest and ONE line (!!!) during Eder quest when Eothasian has none of it. At least you can feel you play a priest of dead god literally.
  20. I finished game with Moon Godlike Priest of Eothas (Ixamitl, Dissident) and I know how you feel. I can tell you should go to Eothas Temple now. It's shame that non of companions (especially Eder and Durance) see who I am. Sometimes there was a respond with ordinary priest tag which is lame. You can 'bring reacitivity' by some dispositions but it is not the same. It would be nice if people could discover we are Eothasians what resulted in lost rep. I can see how the Dozens are mad and try to kill you. I'll try for second game with orlan cipher for reactivity. Maybe expansion will be better
  21. Agreed. Interesting point about Eothas. Even more if you take notice of that what happened with Abydon. He was slain too, but reborn in new body with limited powers as a god.
  22. I was thinking about Eothas too (playing Moon Godlike and his priest). It was strange there wasn't his symbol even if we cannot talk with him (we have Woedika and Wael we cannot speak to, and other gods are in groups and they can speak to us when talking with 'main deity'). But if he was there, I think he would stay with Hylea or Berath in group (more probably with Hylea). I think it means Eothas is not in the Beyond (all gods are there) or he was removed from pantheon, maybe they banished him when he returned after Waidwen's death or he left them or he is really dead? I was expected that
  23. Avian Godlike comes from Hylea, goddes of birds and sky. I think developers wanted to make companions unique in some aspects, that's why we have Pallegina's Godlike subtype not available for player Godlike (there are available following types: Magran (Fire), Ondra (Moon) and probably Berath/Rymrgrand (Death), Galawain (Nature)?) Hiravias stalgaer spiritshift is also unique, player druid can't choose it. Same with Pallegina's paladin order and her culture (we neither can be from Vailian Republics nor belong to its paladin order). There is interesting thing with Magran priest companion, he worsh
  24. Polish is similiar to Russian (Slavic language), so I am not suprised that foreigners often confuse them. Returning to topic it seems strange for me that instruction and game guide are the same! They cover classes, abilities, skills and so on. I expected game guide to be some kind of quest solution (like in my NWN2 gold edition). But maybe it's just first impression, I'll see on Thursday. Can't wait.
  25. I think it is caused by adding horns on their heads they shouldn't have got (I mean male and female moon Godlike). I doubt they'll change their appearance (game went gold, too invasive change for gameplay). In the beginning I don't like in-game models, but adored portraits (especially for male Godlike). I probably got used to their in-game models and portraits, because I like them both now. Even more models, maybe because they look so otherwordly and match better with different types of Godlike (in model). Portraits look more human to me than their in-game models.
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