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  1. As an Eothasian priest, there really aren't a huge number of them. Despite many characters going "Eothas this, Eothas that" in the beginning, my characters response has to be "Who's Eothas?". It's sort of frustrating that I don't get more of the "My God's not dead." dialogue that I love so very much.
  2. I'm sticking to my pet theory that Eothas have been split into the twin gods of Retribution and Mercy. Some assembly required indeed. Sounds like Anders from DA2 to me. Definitely strikes me as Anders-esque as well! And while this might be off-topic a little bit, but what is this 'collector's book' people keep speaking of? I've become quite enamored with the lore, and would love to learn more - the wiki is pretty sparse right now.
  3. This exactly. It's why I'm not really capable of progressing past this quest with this character- he truly believes in Eothas, much like Eder, despite his silence for the past decade and a half- it wouldn't make sense for him to go "Welp, Eothas ain't helping, guess I'll just give up my faith and hop on another god train". As much as it pains me, I'll have to just hop in the pit and re-roll. Thanks for all the answers, everybody, I appreciate it!
  4. Hey guys, first playthrough, so don't do anything *too* spoilery, if you don't mind, I've just reached the quest Council of Stars, immediately after the dyrwood explosion after *SPOILER* Duc's death. I'm playing as a cleri...erm, prist of Eothas, who still devoutly believes in his god. (and is even a Godlike, so that's cool) I'm at the part where you need to pray to the Gods in order to jump in a hole to fetch Thaos. I've got a few questions at this point, and hope you guys can help me out. Eothas is not one of the choices to pray to, unfortunately, in the room behind the plant
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