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  1. I harldy recommend Drakensang: River of Time. It's perfect introduction to Dark Eye world. I began my adventure with that game. There is Demonicon too making perfect demon lore addition to the world.
  2. So was Belonna. Look her up. What is Eothas supposed to be? Eoran Lathander? Helios? or Egyptian Ra? I see many connection of Eoran pantheon with gods from Dark Eye setting (german D&D). Look: Praios - god of light, sun and justice, king of gods = Eothas + Woedica Rondra - goddes of fight, honor and courage = Magran Efferd - god of water, seas and rain = Ondra Travia - goddes of marital love and family = Hylea Boron - god of death, silence and oblivion = Berath + Rymrgrand + Ondra Hesinde - goddes of knowledge, magic and art = Hylea + Galawain (knowlegde aspect) Firu
  3. SPOILER: Dwarven souls save you if you choose to destroy crystal by yourself. Diving helmet or good statistics (like high consitution) have always priority and can't let you see this.
  4. There is crazy thing on WM2 if you release dwarven souls I was watching it with my mind blown. That was fantastic! In my second playthrough I bound souls with cannons but I didn't see any impact.
  5. I agree story was executed poorly. Fortunately, White March approved it. As for replay value, I can see it only for choosing other faction and for cipher gameplay as they have largest reactivity in the game.
  6. Cool idea. I have no possibility to read Avellone's novella but what with Eothas stuff? Are there some clues? What do you think about it in Vailian light? My idea is, as he is called now Shattered God, we could find some pieces of him. Maybe our character could have some soul fragment (Watcher please) and it would involve White Flame (secret Eothasian animancy organisation) somehow. I feel Ondra have her hand in Saint's War after WM expansion. Can you spoil stuff with Durance in House of Wael? I think that Pallegina could return too.
  7. You should see a vision after talking with gods, then there should be dialog option which says 'In my dream or 'I saw you'. (can't remember now). Try to sleep or return to Teir Evron and try to sleep there. Or look closely to Durance's dialogs. Options are often hidden there (do not pay attention to white or grey text color).
  8. I played priest of Eothas for my first playthrough and I must say their role-playing was not so good as it should have been (no persecution or mocking with one small exception). It is improved somewhat in White March expansion through more dialogs and one meaning choice. Anyways, I would recommend priest of Magran because of lore. They have also more dialogs than Eothasian. For a weapon choice there are some good swords (one as a reward from a faction), but I would recommend soulbond sword in White March expansion which is very cool for priest (my favourite one except for St. Ydwen). If you de
  9. Finally, you can use cheats to teleport yourself out of dungeon.
  10. Level scalling only affects The White March territory. Your party have higher level for part 1 than requiered, that's why ogres die like flies (they have lower level than you, because they are not scalled). You need to scale expansion if you want some challenge. Same thing with WM part 2 after completing part 1. You need save before you enter White March because you cannot change level after. Adra dragon is really hard (if not the hardest dragon). Try beat her later, maybe after ending part 1.
  11. No, fight with Thaos is point of no return. Game creates special save before you jump into the pit. You need to be not in the final location (Burial Isle) to end your activities.
  12. Liked: Lore Story (Act 2 the most) White March - was great in every point! Soulbound weapons Class system Real time combat (I don't have a taste for turn-based) Companions (Eder, Hiravias, Devil of Caroc and Durance!) Graphics with backgrounds Scripted Interactions No text walls in White March Full voiced WM part 1 Slowmode! (It makes fight easier and readable) Disliked: NPC backers Loading times Story's potential wasted a little Class and racial reactivity (too much attention for cipher) Same slot for necklace and cloak Companions not tying with story White March in two parts Insane
  13. Wishes of mine: 1. NO Backer NPCs! Not in that way as they are! They're huge immersion breakers and ignore Eternity's lore! 2. More reactivity for races and classes (White March did it right). Maybe one simple quest for every class? 3. Better story. Yes, story was interesting but told badly. But White March (again) did it great. 4. Possible Watcher PC needs their potential to be fully developed (again White March tried to do it right) 5. Same with companions. They should be tied more with story. Their number should be reduced --> NWN2: Mask of Betrayer example 6. One big city with
  14. At fertilisation before birth I think, because Godlike 'were blessed' before their birth. Or maybe it's some kind of process between fertilisation and birth.
  15. As the others say,yes gods exist, they fulfill the function of a god (worship, powers) but their origin is unnatural (they were made by mortals of Engwithan culture with advanced animancy).
  16. They would need to change POE combat system to turn based as Divinty:OS (and Wasteland 2) has one.
  17. Still I don't understand why she had to hide herself as she had helped to build/bless Godhammer. Or maybe she wanted to hide the fact of working together with Woedica. Direct involvement would have been if she had taken an avatar like Eothas, but we know there was some kind of divine pact to not interfere directly into mortal affairs. So, Magran priests are dead because she didn't want them to know Waidwen was killed by her? So, why many people talk about Godhammer and building it by Magran priests with others? Shouldn't it be a secret then? Besides, Magran's cult in Dyrwood is very st
  18. I am not sure it was Magran who hid her involvement in Saint's War. I understood that she wanted to hid Woedica more than herself (knowledge about Magran's work during war is widely known among mortal people). Besides, when Magran talks about Godhammer during Council of Stars, she speaks as if she has nothing to do with Godhammer in Durance's opinion (Woe stuff? Even one of his ending mentions that). All stuff looks like mistification and no one knows what really happened fifteen years ago. And if we take some theories from Great Western Stag book things are more than strange. Well, Wael d
  19. From collector's guidebook, volume 1: "Eothasian high priests have not received answers to their prayers since the end of the Saint’s War. They believe that the god’s anger at the mortal world is to blame. Others believe that the Godhammer destroyed Eothas in their world and Beyond. Since no evidence of Waidwen remained to prove his death, some theorize that Eothas physically drew his living avatar into the realm of the gods to escape destruction. Whether he was corporeally killed or spiritually disarmed, the end of the Saint’s War forever revised how mortals think of the gods. In that res
  20. Oh no! The picture is broken for me! I wanted to see! D: http://eternityproject.pl/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Eora2.png
  21. Simple work map I made: EDIT: I just noticed I had forgotten to mark Old Vailia, but it should be between Eastern Reach (Dyrwood, Republics, Readceras) and Aedyr Empire, south-west.
  22. Fixed that, plus the bit about hollowborn commonly dying (they don't, however they're commonly killed or abandoned to die by their parents). one of lore book said about Hollowborn dying shortly after their birth naturally if they weren't 'cured' by animancy. I think they were commonly killed or abandoned after wicht affairs as in the book.
  23. We know there are such Godlike as Avian (Hylea) and Eothas one (Light/Dawn?). They are not in the game but exist in lore as Josh mentioned them on SA forums talking about faiths in Dyrwood. Besides, there is early concept showing probably Godlike of Eothas, Magran and Ondra. Maybe Eothas Godlike as PC character was cut or they changed their mind as some 'light elements' went to Moon/Ondra Godlike (her Godlike is more watery on early picture than ingame model). Talking about theory, interesting thing, but I'm not sure if decaying of souls is natural thing like reincarnation or
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