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  1. OK I understand. So, then I went back and tried to kill the Adra Dragon again. And again I failed. Tried to petrify her but Aloth always missed, my companions were terrified before I had a chance to have them resist it, my barbarian starts his Consecrated Ground without being hit, other companions just rush against the dragon, despite their AI is to defend themselves. And the Dragon breathe on my party, one or two dies and one or two almost dies. Sigh!' Then I thought I will travel to The White Marsch Part 1, to the village being attacked by Ogres. I thought I had to get more experien
  2. Hej Can I do companion quests, fight the Adra dragon, fight the Caed Nua "army battle" after killing Thaos?
  3. Hej Is there any companion that will leave you if you don't do their quest within a certain time span or leaving you when their quest is done?
  4. To be honest, I don't really know what my playing style is. Stealth, traps and back stabbing was my first thought. For now I use a pistol and two stilettos. I have a medium (DR 7) scale armour, Fulvano's gloves (Of reflex +5) and Minor cloak of protection (Of fortitude +5, Of reflex +5, Of will +5). Tips of adjusting my gear would be appreciated.
  5. Thank you guys. My pride feels much better now. I'll get some levels and come back and finish the quest later.
  6. Hej My character is a rogue, but I think he sucks. I followed the in game recommendation and my stats are: MIG 18, CON 10, DEX 18, PER 18, INT 10, RES 4. My character is the one that almost always goes down first. Sure he is in the middle of the fights, because Edér is enough to hold the enemies away from Aloth and Durance. My other party members are Edér, Aloth and Durance. We are all at level 3. We are now facing Raedric in his throne room. Are my party with four members at level 3 (I'm playing on normal difficulty) supposed to win this fight? We are standing in the middle of t
  7. There are several points in the game that have dialog functions that check INT. And yes, all dialog is based on YOUR stats, not your companions. The way I see it, you either max INT if you want high INT, or you don't. There's not much point to having an INT of 13 for example, when you may need a check at 18 or 20 or something. Just remember, lots of things can be boosted later, such as getting a +2 INT from food or an item quite easily for those very specific dialog options (there's only one in the game frankly that requires really high INT, the rest do not). In PoE, INT is not just you be
  8. But how much INT do my character need to be able to make a sensible conversation or not to miss anything important? It's my character who does the talking, or...? And I don't like my character to be an idiot. I like my character to be as my Twin in a fantasy World, so to speak.
  9. Now I got confused. Your rogue has Per 8 and Int 6, but in the character creation window those are marked with a silver star. Shouldn't they be considered to be important attributes? And, another noob, question; do I get more attributes points later in the game?
  10. Did I start this avalanche? I thought my question was so…innocent. But I get it: no romance in PoE (but it’s a pity). This is exactly what I was hoping for.
  11. I can see how many view it this way. However, I'm glad they are taking their time with the details and I'm sure they'll let all of us know when there are updates. I'd rather have a "we'll give details when we're ready" instead of giving tentative release dates and ending up launching unfinished products. I'm sure old saves will be compatible. It wouldn't make sense to release an expansion that would force everyone to start a new game. I hope you are right.
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