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Can I do this after killing Thaos

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Hey Simna,


White Phoenix is correct. You cannot leave 'Sun and Shadow' once you've entered. The game will however create a 'pre-endgame save' for you that you can load. 


I got your back


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OK I understand.


So, then I went back and tried to kill the Adra Dragon again. And again I failed. Tried to petrify her but Aloth always missed, my companions were terrified before I had a chance to have them resist it, my barbarian starts his Consecrated Ground without being hit, other companions just rush against the dragon, despite their AI is to defend themselves. And the Dragon breathe on my party, one or two dies and one or two almost dies. Sigh!'


Then I thought I will travel to The White Marsch Part 1, to the village being attacked by Ogres. I thought I had to get more experience. Just when I arrive I get a question about difficulty levels. As I didn't succeed in my efforts to kill the Adra Dragon I took the normal difficulty. But to my surprise the Ogres are no match at all. How can this be? I face the Adra Dragon much earlier and I can't beat her, but I don't face the Ogres until much later in the game and they dies like flies. Hmm...?


And what happens if I go back and choose the harder difficulty when I come to this village, will it make the Adra Dragon even harder to beat then she was Before?

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Level scalling only affects  The White March territory. Your party have higher level for part 1 than requiered, that's why ogres die like flies (they have lower level than you, because they are not scalled). You need to scale expansion if you want some challenge. Same thing with WM part 2 after completing part 1. 


You need save before you enter White March because you cannot change level after.


Adra dragon is really hard (if not the hardest dragon). Try beat her later, maybe after ending part 1.

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