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  1. yea i know chanter is like the bard,but I meant the bard had arcane spell casting and If I was to play a rogue I would duel daggers is that good or should I just be ranged
  2. Hi am a long time fan of games like Baldur's gate. I got pillars almost a year ago on sale but I couldn't get into so I took a break. now every other month I try to start playing it to no avail. I have made it to the main city before ,but I always find a reason to stop. A lot of it has to do with I really do not know what class to play really. In the past I enjoyed the Bard class in Baldur's gate as well as the assassin. Sadly there really isn't a bard equivalent in Pillars and I have heard the rogue is not good. Any recommendations on Classes to chose?
  3. Thank you all for the Advice. I think I might go rogue i would want to duel wield daggers or stilettos is that a good idea?
  4. Hi I Have spent a lot of time in this game creating and deleting characters. I have gotten two characters as far as the big city and then I just lose interest and delete them. I am getting really annoyed because I love the BG games but I cannot seem to get in to this game as much. I really need help on deciding on what class to play? I enjoyed Rogues a lot In BG and Dragon Age but them seem weak in this game compared to the Cipher and I have tried the Cipher ,but there spells are kind a weird.
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