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  1. If they're gonna tackle other settings, I'd love to see (from novels) R. Scott Bakker's Eärwa setting (the Prince of Nothing series and Aspect-Emperor series, the latter of which just had the penultimate book released recently) or (from pen and paper) the Eclipse Phase science fiction post-apocalyptic transhuman conspiracy setting. Those are my dream settings to play a CRPG in.
  2. Wow, thanks everybody, I'm really digging this in-depth analysis of class roles filtered via Chanter discussion, it's really helpful information!
  3. Yeah I gotta say I'm pretty pumped to try out a lot of different builds and party compositions!
  4. Thanks for the input Odd Hermit, altho I'd say your Cons sound like Nitpicks (i.e. broadly subjective feelings about very subjective things, as I know I'm going to want infodumps on a brand new setting I know next to nothing about, love grimdark aesthetics and tone and may very well enjoy the sound design and music) and your Nitpicks sound like Cons (i.e. very specific mechanical gripes which I personally, when reading them anyway, take as Cons that could have been done better) lmao All of this is good to know, I appreciate all the perspectives being brought to this, and it will help me fr
  5. Looking up slow mode, I have to agree with you that it seems like an amazing thing to put into a game like this! Thanks for your thoughts anameforobsidian!
  6. These are some great answers so far, gives me a good feel for the game apart from videos of gameplay. While I haven't played the game, from watching a few Lets Plays of the first bit up to about Caed Nua (I stop watching as they start clearing out the place), I totally agree with MaxQuest on how the character creation and first few minutes of gameplay really draw you in, and I love the variety in race/class/culture/background being teased out in conversation in the first bit, that's a really great idea. Also pretty glad I haven't grabbed the game yet in the sense that Ink Blot and Barbedb
  7. My first game was a game of Rifts, which like all Palladium Books systems was more complicated than it needed to be (but not so complicated it put 9 year old me off being mesmerized by it), and I played with a bunch of older kids, most of whom I knew already outside of the GM and I think maybe one of the players. I remember that the book I spied on a friend's coffee table was the Atlantis world book, and I decided while I was reading it to make a True Atlantean all focused on Atlantean tattoo magic, and the friend whose house I'd been reading it at decided to make a dragon to play. I can't rem
  8. I'm playing a lot of Baldur's Gate lately. Earlier this year I was playing a lot of Lionheart, and before that late last year I was playing a lot of Planescape: Torment. Been on a CRPG nostalgia trip I guess you could say! :D
  9. First post! Hi, I'm new to the forums and haven't yet bought Pillars of Eternity. I'm pretty pumped about Tyranny (and, of course, love things Obsidian has been involved with like their stellar Fallout and NWN releases), so I'm definitely planning to grab this game at some point (especially as a long-time fan of Black Isle games that inspired PoE) and when I do I'd like to know some (non-spoilery) favourite/least favourite things that fans of the game are opinionated about! What do you love about the game and what would you like to see changed, what keeps you coming back for playthro
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