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  1. I think I will be able to beat main storyline at least. Quests in beta weren't bugged overall (expect for the ogre quest in one build version, don't remember which one), although there was a small number of them. We shall see.
  2. After the BB I think it won't have critical bugs making beating a game impossible, so there is no need to wait for me.
  3. No, it's more like playing with setting than something 'official' (that's why I didn't want to take its action in Dyrwood, of course future games can happen everywhere). In addition I tried to choose such themes in my story which weren't explored so much, but I know some of them (like animancy) will be in PoE. There is a reason I chose first-person narrative, it makes story more subjective, because it is told from point of view of a main character (with small exceptions in one of the chapters). I'm also lore-eater person, who likes watching over setting coherence with my own creativity, so I think it won't be so tragic after release.
  4. I played on Hard with Moon Godlike recently and his racial bonus was used often (healing aura), usually it activated 2/3 times per encounter with strong enemies (like adra beetles). I think that usually is hard to see racial abilities working if they have no graphical manifestation. And they are not powerful at all, maybe it makes them 'useless' or it looks like they have no impact on combat.
  5. Did someone notice that one of the new screenshots had 'Backer Beta 336' in the right corner? Will we get new zones in future build? Or this only for test purpose for devs?
  6. I think they'll have some impact on Eternity's plot (not only mechanic). Personally I prefer smaller number of deities that matter than 'one hundred' with no effect (like NWN2, only in Mask of Betrayer there some special dialogs for Ilmater and maybe Myrkul). I count on companions' reactions (one of them has a god that we can choose too). If you know lore well, you can see potential role-playing fields for each priest god. But I'm afraid of situation of one god having more or less impact than another (hard to say knowing nothing about plot). Fortunately there is also 'divine' reputation (each god prefers some traits of personality/behavior for priest) , it can help to avoid feeling of 'my god matters not', because in conversations we often develop our reputation/traits. I can say it really helps to feel role-play on basic level.
  7. Why would it be too late to add? I don't really know how long these things take to implement but it seems like they could bust out enough before release in early spring Josh said he will be looking at priests spells in the future (next patch possibly), but I don't expect he will do something big with them. If he makes more talents specific for each god (like with paladin orders) I will be satisfied.
  8. Good point. There should be two abilities/prayers and talents for them. It would fill 'dead' levels. Coming back to talents. It would be nice to extend number of weapons as Luckmann mentioned and rewrite special spells (but it's too late I feel). What is the biggest issue for me - time of spell length. It is so short (even with high Resolve) that I have to cast the same spell all the time, because it stops working. Status effects last long time (there are many of them in combat) disproportionately to preventing prayers. What is 10 seconds in combat? Nothing. Don't understand this. In IE games status effects were rarely than in POE and last longer as preventing spells. I really miss Fear spell when you were running panicked. I was hoping to see that in POE.
  9. First of all, why am I saying "Prayers" about the Priest Spells? I saw it on the Official Wikipedia in the description and it caught on, I think it sounds cooler as well. Second, what have I exactly done in this concept? I've switched around the Prayer gain/progression. Naturally, this would be applied to each Diety. This way, each Priest following a specific Diety would progress differently, but would gain all the Prayers still. This means a Eothas Priest could gain "Minor Intercession" at Prayer Level 5, whilst all the other Priest gains it at Prayer Level 6 (see?? "Prayer Level" rather than "Spell Level". Spell Level (Wizard), Chant or Phrase Level (Chanter), Psi-Level (Cipher), and Nature or Growth Level (Druid)?? :D :D *shrug* semantics ) Prayer or spell, that's a detail, but Prayer seems to have more atmosphere for priest roleplay. Okey, now I see what is going on. These are the same spell-- er prayers but in slightly different order for Eothas. Very good idea I like it, because it doesn't disturb a 'feel' of needed prayers, it avoids situation that other build of priest could be better than mine, like this: why Magran priest has so badass spells/prayers and mine are completely useless?
  10. It seems, at first glance, to look complex. And powerful. Though, I get the idea and it's interesting. It did get me thinking... different VFX color? Concecrated Ground on a Magranite being red, fiery, and on a Skaenite more corroded, green. VFX doesn't do anything statistically though~ but could be a nice little differenting flavor or aesthetic~ EDIT: Ooops double-post, I thought I was in edit mode, routine press "Post". Hm, oh well. Well, I thought Incarnations could work as modal ability or aura (not necessery like druid spiritshift). Interesting with VFX color. I have never heard about that before. Incarnation of Berath could have some shadow aura around a priest, Eothasian light dust, Magranic some flame aura, Waelic (?) a mist and Skaenite a drops of blood (don't know how to show it, maybe blood red).
  11. What about categorizing all of the "Sword", "Shield" & "Crown" of the Faithful into the same Prayer Level? So, for instance, a Skeanite might get "Crown of the Faithful" and Eothas might get "Shield of the Faithful", on the same level. But giving the spells different effects/statistics that fit with the Deity. Good idea, a few spells could work in that way. I don't agree with Prayer against----. Status effects are taken so often in combat that it makes no sense to diversify them between different gods followed by priest. Same with Armor of faith and similar spells in effect (increasing DT/DR and defenses). I mean every priest should possess a pool of spells increasing armor/defenses. On higher levels it could be more deity-specific (for example, huge increase of some kind of defense --> Magran +20 Fortitude, Eothas +20 Will or less increase in two defenses ---> Magran +10 Fortitude, + 10 Deflection, Eothas + 10 Will, + 10 Fortitude + maybe something extra but don't know what could be added to defenses, maybe + 10 some kind of Status effect or DT/DR Burn/Shock/Corrode). And I was thinking about specific spells for priest on higher levels called Minor/Greater Vessel for Berath/Eothas/Magran/Wael/Skaen (something like false incarnation). It could grant + 15 for Attributes/Accuracy/Another Effects (Minor) and +25 (Greater). Every 'incarnation' should also have specific ability with status effects and damage (everything offensive) Here are examples Berath --> + 15/25 Accuracy, Resolve, Constitution + 1 Move Speed, + 5 defenses not covered by increased attributes, ability creates a chain of freeze, stunning and terrified effects in seal in shape of Ouroboros. Eothas --> +15/25 Accuracy, Intellect, +2 Move Speed, + 5 defenses not covered by increased attributes, ability creates rays of light (cone) blinded, piercing and weakening enemies. Magran--> +15/25 Accuracy, Might, Constitution + 1 Move Speed, +5 defenses not covered by increased attributes, ability creates a chain of effects burning, prone and hobbled. Skaen --> +15/25, Might, Perception (less points here), + 1 Move Speed, + 5 defenses not covered by increased attributes, ability hobbled, sickened and corrode damage. Wael --> +15/25 Accuracy, Resolve, Intellect, +1 Move Speed, +5 defenses not covered by increased attributes, creates a seal in shape of eye paralyzed and take corrode/freeze damage). I know it would be probably overpowered in the game (solo destroyer of Dyrwood ;D), but it is generally my idea of something like druid spiritshift but more powerful.
  12. I Eothas Renewal, Light, Community (Friendship?) - [1st Level] Blessing, Holy Meditation, Prayer against Fear, Restore Minor Stamina, Withdraw (5) - [2nd Level] Supress Affliction, Restore Light Stamina, Concecrated Ground, Prayer against Infirmary, Iconic Projection (5) - [3rd Level] Pillar of Faith, Restore Moderate Stamina, Prayer against Restraint, Circle of Protection (4) - [4th Level] Prayer against Bewilderment, Devotions for the Faithful, Restore Major Stamina, Shining Beacon (4) - [5th Level] Revive the Fallen, Restore Critical Stamina, Prayer against Imprisonment, Shields for the Faithful (4) - [6th Level] Crowns for the Faithful, Prayer against Treachery, Minor Intercession (3) Magran War, Fire, Strength, Bold/Witty - [1st Level] Armor of Faith, Blessing, Holy Meditation, Restore Minor Stamina, Withdraw (4) - [2nd Level] Suppress Affliction, Restore Light Stamina, Divine Mark, Holy Power (+1st Lvl Halt) (5) - [3rd Level] Warding Seal, Restore Moderate Stamina, Dire Blessing, Despondent Blows (+2nd Lvl Repulsing Seal) (5) - [4th Level] Triumph of the Crusaders, Devotions for the Faithful, Restore Major Stamina, Searing Seal (4) - [5th Level] Champion's Boon, Restore Critical Stamina, Pillar of Holy Fire, Shields for the Faithful (4) - [6th Level] Crowns for the Faithful, Cleansing Flame, Spark the Souls of the Righteous (+5th Lvl Revive the Fallen) (4) Berath Life, Death, Resolve - [1st Level] Barbs of Condemnation, Halt, Prayer against Fear, Restore Minor Stamina (4) - [2nd Level] Restore Light Stamina, Divine Mark, Prayer against Infirmity, Instill Doubt (4) - [3rd Level] Watchful Presence, Restore Moderate Stamina, Prayer against Restraint, Circle of Protection (4) - [4th Level] Prayer against Bewilderment, Baring Death's Door, Devotions for the Faithful, Restore Major Stamina (4) - [5th Level] Revive the Fallen, Restore Critical Stamina, Prayer against Imprisonment, Shields for the Faithful (4) - [6th Level] Crowns for the Faithful, Prayer against Treachery, Minor Intercession (3) Wael Dreams, Secrets, Mysteries, Revelations, (Illumination?) - [1st Level] Armor of Faith, Blessing, Holy Meditation, Restore Minor Stamina, Withdraw (5) - [2nd Level] Suppress Affliction, Restore Light Stamina, Consecrated Ground, Instill Doubt (4) - [3rd Level] Watchful Presence, Restore Moderate Stamina, Dire Blessing, Circle of Protection (4) - [4th Level] Prayer against Bewilderment, Devotions for the Faithful, Restore Major Stamina, Shining Beacon (4) - [5th Level] Revive the Fallen, Salvation of Time, Restore Critical Stamina, Shields for the Faithful (4) - [6th Level] Crowns for the Faithful, Prayer against Treachery, Minor Intercession (3) Skaen Hatred, Resentment, Violence, Rebellion - [1st Level] Barbs of Condemnation, Divine Terror, Withdraw (3) - [2nd Level] Suppress Affliction, Replusing Seal, Instill Doubt (+1st Lvl Restore Minor Stamina) (4) - [3rd Level] Watchful Presence, Warding Seal, Dire Blessing (+2nd Lvl Restore Light Stamina) (4) - [4th Level] Triumph of the Crusaders, Devotions for the Faithful, Searing Seal(+3rd Lvl Restore Moderate Stamina) (3) - [5th Level] Champion's Boon, Pillar of Holy Fire, Shields for the Faithful(+4th Lvl Restore Major Stamina) (4) - [6th Level] Crowns for the Faithful, Cleansing Flame, Spark the Souls of the Righteous (+5th Lvl Revive the Fallen) (4) // I made these on the go, I haven't reviewed them (I have 2 windows open side-by-side). 4, mostly, per level? Why? The list simply formed that way. Tried keeping it to each Deity's "theme", from my perspective. As I was tinkering with the Skaen list (which is the least fleshed out and, I admit, rushed) I started thinking on another aspect when giving all spells on every odd level (and reviewed & editted Magran). Does all spells have to be gained on the same level for every Deity? For instance, in my Skaen example above, I put out "Restore Minor Stamina" on 2nd Prayer Level, but it is a 1st Level Prayer? Yes! Because I was thinking, Skaenites don't seem to be too friendly, and I simply get the feeling they wouldn't prioritize healing others. In the same way I was thinking with Berath, they are Gatekeepers of Life & Death, and thus, why would they "Withdraw" right? I felt it fit into Berath's theme a la: "Life happens if it happens, and Death happens if it happens" Example: Eothas does not have the 2nd Level Prayer "Instill Doubt" and Berath doesn't have the 1st Level Spell "Withdraw" in the lists above, what if they could still gain them, but at a later level (like the Skaen or Magran in-list example), and/or through in-game merchants/temples/trainers? What if each Deity simply distributes Spells at different levels? I.E. Eothas gains "Instill Doubt" at Level 5, and Berath gains "Withdraw" on Level 3. Different teachings, schoolings, doctrine and Prayer priority's depending on Deity/Priesthood? I really like that idea! It shows your priest as unique follower devoted to his god, who cannot be replaced with somebody else (other priest). From the other side it prevents from casting the same spell as mine by the second priest (double Divine Mark or something else for example). I think more real to do is what Limbo mentioned: It is not so invading and works more like talents or choosing abilities. I think that every priest should have Prayer against Effect Status, Endurance healing spells and one offensive (best if it reflects deity of the priest). The rest of spells could be the same but more diversified in effect (something like wizards spell talents). It is the simple way to make each priest more special and connected with his deity in mechanic. From the other side making spells specific for chosen god seems to be easier than creating whole Magran/Eothas/Skaen/Wael/Berath priest build overall.
  13. I installed mod from curiosity (I didn't care for mechanic until there are some major bugs) and it has one great benefit - cyan circles, they should be in the full game, because as I turned them on, it was the end for my indistinguishable characters problem! It makes combat so much clear and it's only brighter blue! Especially it can be seen at night, when everything is in blueish tone. Draggable UI is nice, although I like it as it is now (not moddable), but understand there are people, who wanted to have portraits, UI parts right or in middle or left, up, down.
  14. I played beta with priests many times (it will be my class for first play-through in full PE) and here is what I think: Spells are really good and have benefit I don't see in IE games: I use spells from lower level all the time (in Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale I really did it rarely, because they were weak comparing to powerful toys from higher levels if I got them). Priest spells are not 'copy' of themselves in more powerful version (maybe some of them are, but not majority). And everything is AOE (I love AOE, hate single healing in IE). I wish only there were spells specific for chosen deity (maybe on higher levels, one per level in the future or added by modding). Talents - a lot of talents to build your priest as you wish, so much choices (as a whole). But I don't like 'cut' abilities (i.e. Interdiction) which were made talents (what for?). There could be changes for spells as wizards have (it would distinguish specific gods followed by player, for example Magran priests possess stronger burn effect in their spells, and so on). I wish only to see more talents specific for chosen god than the only one (Hope Eternal for Eothas, not Ondra, disappointed me. What it had to be? I expected some offensive spell like for the rest of gods. Nevermind, maybe there will be more talents, I heard paladins have two for each order. And Iconic Projection rocks! I never used it until now. This spell is overpowered. 99% of won battles, saving ass of my party. And rod for Wael follower is... odd. Maybe there should be some fast weapon? And if I remember correctly none of gods has a spear or pike as a preferred weapon. That's all I think and wanted to ask - has Might (Damage and Healing) any effect on priest's healing abilities? I built him with high Might but didn't notice changes (expect for being 'killing machine' if added high Perception too). I always kept it not so high as Intellect or Resolve. Maybe it affects only paladin abilities?
  15. Thank goodness! Please tell me they've had the good sense to bring back Cadegund! I wish her back too, but I think it's too late. But I count on mod power. Maybe she will be official companion in expansion or PoE 2. Don't know why they threw her away. She was the best perceived character so far and party priest changes aren't so radical.
  16. Yes, that's really good source of pre-game lore for people interested in setting. I think Obsidian wants to have next games in Eastern Reach's another countries like Vailian Republics, Readceras or White March (three or two game parts, but I think PoE could be trilogy, it is popular today or saga like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale). We don't know where the expansion takes us, but I think it will be something like Mask of Betrayer 'continuing' story from basic game. Come back to the lore again: I loved reading about factions and wars mostly. Really intriguing events, that show clearly sides of conflict and its results. Can't wait for hearing about them in the game and meeting all those factions.
  17. Hello everyone! I wanted to share my fanfiction in PoE world. I wrote six chapters, but seventh (the last) is being written now and should be finished in 2015 (purpose is until PoE hits). Despite English isn't my native language, I decided to translate my story (it's always better than Google Translator ), but I would be grateful for correction by somebody, who likes removing grammar errors, etc. (PM me then). Still I hope that general meaning of the story is clear, it was hard work, but I had fun too. I used game lore, naturally for story, so there may be some "spoilers" (but I don't know it is a good word). I would say that there is nothing new what you can see on wiki and in beta. However there are some my "inventions", but I tried to be so close to the lore as possible. Action takes place in Readceras. Main character is a Godlike, who was raised in temple of Eothas. One day he is offered joining to paladin order (Fellows of St. Waidwen Martyr). Soon after that he gets involved in Eothasian-Magranic conflict with enigmatic animancy in the background, when he sees series of mysterious abuctions... I warn about some "strong moments" in the story (vulgar language, sexual themes, etc.) OK, here is link. I hope you will enjoy it and maybe be inspired to write your own story. Nice reading! Between light & fire
  18. I think its Watcher ability (if you know what it is that thing). Ciphers only interact with housed souls (in the flesh) as I remember. Watchers can interact with 'pure souls'.
  19. i think soloying in Pillars of Eternity could be very difficult. Why? Because there is no multiclassing. You have Hall of Adventurers instead. But if I have to choose one class... Hard to say. Fighter is best for long survival, but druid has a spirit form (an animal) which they can use in melee combat, a lot of offensive spells and some healing. I guess your character should be good as a tank and at damage. Finally, I think, more or less, about cipher. It's heavy hitter class. I would build them with high constitution (!), perception and might. Or barbarian (high vitality). Or monk.... (that's really crazy class, the more you are wounded, the more powerful abilities you can use). There is so many options. But if you like archer characters, I guess a ranger will be the best choice. They have animal companion, which fights melee for you in the role of 'tank'. I don't know what playstyle you prefer (melee, magic, healing, distance, mixed), it could help a lot.
  20. *begins reading* noo don't spoil yourself! Nah. I'm not going to end up reading the books in-game as that will interrupt game flow. I doubt reading about the world lore will spoil much of anything. I would say there could be minor 'spoilers' nothing major. I really enjoyed reading them, but I like knowing some things about world. You can only read Dyrwood history to because it is region where game takes place. It's good for general world orientation.
  21. This video is good summary what we know about world of Eternity. It has english subtitles too. And here are all books from beta known http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Book
  22. We know only about Hel/The Beyond which is some kind of the nether world, where souls reborn among the gods. I think there can exist divine dimensials. We don't know much, but there is something like The Shroud, (that's like Dragon Age Veil probably, I can be wrong). We only know that the Shroud can be associated with night sky or stars or whole cosmos (there is mention about it in lore book about St. Waidwen in beta) and with summoning spirits (like Phantoms, one of the chanter abiliies). I think it is linked in some way with eternal cycle, but we have no more information about it. I hope we will learn more and even know myths about world creation later in full game.
  23. WOW, I am very impressed and I have a HUGE request to the author of the video. Namely I am an editor of fan-made Polish site of POE and I was planning to make a lore video in my language, but now I am asking about one (or two things): asking about Your permission to take this video and translate it into my native language (Polish) for one of two options: a) Polish sound --> I mean I speak in my native language in video (without original sound). b) Polish subtitles --> with original sound, only Polish subtiitles. I wish You would agree for first option, because I have already made videos from beta in my language for site, but now I only beg for subtitles. Of course, every video will have link to Your original work in words spoken and written [prologue]. That's all from me and I really love that creative video! Good work and good luck for future
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