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  1. I think companions are important and you can loose (in narrative, lore way) a lot not taking them with you. They are probably linked with various factions, recent historical events, various cultures and setting themes, but what is more with player's main conflict. Of course you can create your own adventurers (I will create one druid on the beginning of the game until I meet companion of that class), but this often cost much if you want to have whole party and you can only hire them in taverns or faction headquarters. It's not like Icewind Dale where you create whole party immediately. I belie
  2. Godlike are infertile (but who knows maybe they can have children but only if they are male and female of the same type, what is extremely rare to happen), in Vailian Republics they are considered as genderless, not in many societies (I think). I know that different races cannot have children with themselves (i.e. human-elf and so on), but subraces can (i.e. wood elf-pale elf).
  3. Yes, there are special talents you can gain from factions or something similar.
  4. I would like to know if companions automatically level up when they are not in your party (like NWN2) or maybe they don't gain XP when alone (like BG).
  5. Yes, that's interesting. I always liked themes of leadership struggle and that element is missing in RPGs for me. I remember Edwin reaction for too high reputation in BG2, but he never left my party (he was the only one evil character).
  6. D&D had alignment similar to the fairy-tales moral and Tolkien Middle-Earth universe, which opposed light, beauty, courage, worthiness (good) to darkness, ugliness, cruelty, chaos (evil) and so on. I believe POE companions are constructed on the grounds of some themes they represent (not only simple good or evil) and what they can mean for my player character. I think the problem lies in role of companions in relation to player. Many companions in present RPGs (if they have any) let grow ego of my PC. They are always loyal and helpful like faithful dog, they can sometimes go away if they d
  7. I wish priests had spells in a shape of cone like druids instead single-target. I'm sometimes tired of seeing those circles again. And some modal abilities would be nice (paladin-like or chanter-like).
  8. Ondra is goddess of 'love'. She had failed romance with the moon. Also Hylea is goddess of family love and children too. It looks like gods have wider domains than they represent. Or sub-domains.
  9. I also don't get it. He seems kind of contradictory as well. Like, as the God of Light, you'd think he's the Big Good Guy, right? But he started the Saint's War so... he's a kind of a douche? Spoiler: all gods are douches, only to varying degrees. And Eothas may have thought he had good reasons to start a war. Like, make everyone worship him! That's a noble goal, right. Especially since you are so cool and kind and everyone would totally be better off worshipping you and not that **** Magran. Good point but it reminds me about Maker and Andraste stuff from Dragon Age lore. As we
  10. Don't think so As usual it is complicated, when you are in a human body, not in your 'pure' shape. I mean I noticed some similarity to the Phoenix fate of X-Men in Marvel Universe. If you know its story Phoenix was a greater being (something like god, but more like cosmic power taking care of our universe) that found host (too much Stargate seasons recently ), in pure shape it could do nothing, if the universe was in the danger. It merged with Jean Grey mind and body and helped to protect Earth and universe. But later Phoenix became dark, it was corrupted by human emotions and so on. It wante
  11. I have the same with my protagonists That's the way my creativity and excitement can unleash. Now I am finishing my new biography inspired with your text when I saw it. In fact it is strongly changed version of my story I posted some months ago at Fanfiction portal. Yeah, I hate changing culture and rewriting everything when your culture (Readceras in my case) is not available in the game. And it is extremely hard to find portrait for Moon Godlike Unless you paint your own. Fire and Earth are the easiest (fauns, sylvans, fire genasi or other 'demons'). Do you know some sites helping in f
  12. That's interesting. Thank you. Ixamitl is known from long philosophy traditions and I am sure it is north (east) from Eastern Reach (and upon equator, because some orlans live there and the rest is in Dyrwood/Eir Glanfath or Aedyr), but Rauatai is more distant from E. Reach than Ixamitl. It must be not so far away because of Natlan people, who separated between Ixamitlan and Readceran nation (many years ago some groups of savannah folk went north probably from Readceras area to Ixamitl). And Ixamitl is the oldest culture after Engwithans, who are very, very old culture probably, then came
  13. Why Old Vailia is southwest? Wiki says that Vailian Republics are southwest from Vailia, unless I misunderstand something.
  14. I don't know but it seems to me that we have more linear world. Devs told once some of the locations (Important for story like two big cities or other places) are locked until you reach appropriate story milestone so I am more convinced to NWN2 world model in a main storyline.
  15. I think we won't go to Godhammer Citadel. If you have access to beta, you can see whole scope of area which northern east/west border runs from Mercy Vale (probably first location of ruins is somewhere there) to Gilded Vale area. But I remember a map showing story key areas - there was Durgan's Battery (part of White March) and Spirento of Vailian Republics (although Josh said we will not go to Republics in a basic game).
  16. I think box art is probably temporary, because if you know Polish you can read that graphic of the game box can change. But I had similar situation with Risen 3: First Edition. its box art from picture and real copy looked the same for me, but maybe because R3: First Edition was available everywhere, not like Adventurer Edition for POE (if I remember correctly it is available for some countries of Eastern Europe not only for Poland).
  17. I painted something what can help to see how cultures lie on the planet, basing upon wikipedia information, but it is nothing official. I hope it will help!
  18. They are the order of knights (not paladin) having their roots in black-smithing (that's why Abydon is their patron). With the passing of the time they became more like knights because of their role in independence war in Dyrwood. Today they are the defenders of Defiance Bay and official guardians of the Duke. Wikipedia also mentions that they were involved in Saint's War somehow, but I can't find any information about it in the lore books. Maybe it comes from game files.
  19. I think it is good as it is, but I wish druid/priest spells were modified by talents, especially priests by their deity. I love how talents work for paladins and their orders - you have two talents per order modifying core paladin abilities what is nice.
  20. Yea - but PoE wiki wasn't updated since 25 october ... What?????? I mean that wiki. Enjoy with tones of lore
  21. The only one thing that helps now is official wiki, but collector's book will be huuge new information about lore I can't wait to read it.
  22. I think I was completely alone with my Eothasian Moon Godlike and see this! Abandonment of faith is interesting but only if it has mechanical effects (maybe we can experience faith crisis because one of the companions). Although I dream about possibility to become Faithless (!) as the result of that crisis. We know our reputation not agreeing with deity behavior can weak priest abilities. I count on special dialogs with some companions (Eder, Durance) if we play priest (especially Eothasian or Magranic or Berathian). It would be great if they have possibility to resolve companion problems
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