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  1. I hope it will be as good as Beast of Winter. I'd love to see some Lovecraftian themes in FS (personally I am huge fan of Nyarlathotep) however I never liked Wael much (ironically as it is the closest thing to 'Lovecraftian deity'). Hope Ondra will have some love in FS too Patch 4.0 sounds fantastic, especially Woedica's challenge.
  2. Learned. Cipher class origins from Glanfathan brishalgwin. Grieveng Mother is exception as she probably was born with them. Or she learned somehow having no contact with 'professionals'. And Vitracks are only natural ciphers but they are not kith (they are wilder).
  3. Moon Godlike is Ondra's. If you play one you are called Ngati's child. Just like Tekehu. It seems Godlike can show various aspects of divine portfolio. It would be cool if Moon Godlike were one of Eothas aspects (there is some interesting theory about it in Deadfire). I thought Nature Godlike could be blessed by Eothas as he had some ties with nature by spring and agriculture themes. But yeah, Nature Godlike are definitively Galawain's as he is a patron of the beasts and wild life. Death Godlike is really strange. It is stated they are Berath's children but they have some characteristi
  4. Eothas is too perfect. Nothing can stop and destroy him. I think it was a mistake to involve him with big scale story. I would prefer if it was more personal, hell I thought that Watcher probably had one part of Waidwen's soul (like in Hiravias splintered soul quest), so that's why Eothas stole it. But nope. It was only McGuffin leading you to Deadfire. Such wasted potential here.
  5. It's like with gods in previous game. They show up and become important too late to understand what is going on. Ok, you heard about Magran, Eothas, Berath but half of game is about animancy and Hollowborn crisis. Same with Deadfire. Half or more of a game is about factions and their conflicts. Only Huana quests tell you a little about Ukaizo and that's all. Main story is disconnected from rest of the game so there is no building. Except Port Maje and Hasongo I like the most. People are talking about things, thinking about things. They see what is happening. They care. I really wish there
  6. The game had many reactions to the priests of Eothas. Much, much more than POE1 or White March. But like it was said there was only one conversation with Eothas, two or three with Tekehu and Eothasian groups, not only Dawnstars. I was suprised Xoti had none or it were bugs. I will be playing once again when game systems are fixed.
  7. Importing my priest of Eothas. Benevolent and Passionate mostly. This time I want his background (dissident) to play much more towards chaos/neutral alignment. Also crisis of faith incoming
  8. I mean side with him in the plot and against berath and the other gods, He's my second favorite POE god after Abydon( wael and galawain are up there too but we haven't seen too much of them yet honestly) Josh Sawyer confirmed you can side with Eothas but what that truly means is yet to discover.
  9. I can't see a problem. Berath chose you tu hunt Eothas in his name not to become his priest. That's a favour for saving your life. It doesn't matter if you are Eothasian, Magranite, druid, rogue or whatever. You owe your life to Berath, that's what matters, because you decide to hunt Eothas. I don't remember if you can lie and pretend you go in Berath's name.
  10. Our Watcher lives because Berath has some purpose. And there may be some roleplaying reason if you support him in Pillars. Or you are Death Godlike. As White March is about Abydon-Ondra relation I think Deadfire tells us about Berath-Eothas. Can't wait to learn what's going on. And probably Berath is 5th faction as there is snake-like eternity symbol in reputation wheel: http://eternityproject.pl/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire_6022004-600x338.jpg We know Huana worshipp Berath as eels.
  11. No more waiting. Good it's 7 pm in my country. Can't wait till next Tuesday evening.
  12. You are still priest of Eothas as you can choose one in the beta. It's more like a Skaen ending than Woedica and if you decide to betray him, there are really nasty things happening. But it's bugged so you cannot see ending slide but you can find one in files. I don't think they will build something big due to ending choices, probably it will be more like some kind of cosmetic reactivity.
  13. Yes, the Wael priestess did not believe my Wael priest when I said I had given that book back to Wael, because I had used every opportunity to increase my dishonesty score. It is so counter-intuitive for an RPG that lying makes you worse at lying. Word really gets around that I pretended I didn't have a bad dream. Wow. I heard priest of Wael is huge mistake in this game
  14. Another round with modern music: Eothas again (unfortunately, no lyrics for symphonic version): Eothasian Watchers' Hymn: Troubles at the sea: Sea theme (German): Translation: Come with me to the sea to go on a ship come with me to the sea to see the world come with me to the sea go with the tide come with me to the sea to see the storm Come with me to the sea go with the course come with me to the sea to see the new land come with me to the sea to understand freedom come with me to the sea even if we go under From a distant world,
  15. they fixed it Dialogue is now 'How is Eothas perceived in Dyrwood' or something similar. Hope for some nice reactivity in Deadfire as White March has small but good stuff.
  16. If you never finish her quest, she will be.... a fighter? Fig update about returning companions says 'Regardless, Vailian interests pull her into the archipelago, whether as an elite champion, a disgraced soldier, or a humble Kind Wayfarer.' Or maybe disgraced soldier is a paladin without order? Elite champion is Brotherhood one and Kind Wayfarers happen when she disobeys orders.
  17. Eothas' song. Totally! or some 'lullaby' here: I wish these guys would make official Deadfire song! I love their music
  18. Played with: Priest of Eothas/Fury Druid (Universalist) - lovely caster! Fury makes crazy damage (it cannot heal instead) and its electric spiritshift is good for range. (Ranged weapon) Priest of Eothas/Kind Wayfarer Paladin (Templar) - more tank hybrid with defensive buffs from priest. A lot of healing and support. (Two handed style) Priest of Eothas /Shattered Pillar Monk (Contemplative) - crazy DPS build! Your wound limit is decreased but you are more enduring than Helwalker monk (huge DPS but death comes faster). (Two weapon style.) Ghost Heart Ranger/Fighter (Hunter) - I
  19. Th I think he's always meant to be one, actually, as a counterpart to Berath. They both look after the cycle of life and death, so both are gods of life and death, after a fashion. Also, according to the Guidebook Gaun goes around "reaping" people he thinks have lived long enough. Perhaps because he's also a Old Testament style destructive and judgmental god who led his most devoted worshippers into a gruelling war that broke two nations. He can be described as benevolent, but he's not a not just a straightforward lawful good god of righteousness and good feels. Btw, Eo
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