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  1. I haven't played the game since release and have a hard time parsing the patch logs for direct and indirect changes to priests, but I've read that they're really good at dealing damage now (or, maybe they always were, and people hadn't noticed?). Which spells in particular are useful? Should I stay pure priest? I've read that Magran and Berath in particular are good, why?
  2. I know about the camping supplies limit in your inventory, and how it varies depending on your difficulty settings. But I haven't been able to find out if there's actually a finite amount of camping supplies in the game. Do the merchants ever restock or is there an option in the stronghold that provides you with supplies? I play on normal, so I'm nowhere near running out, which makes my question super hypothetical. But still; could you theoretically buy and use up all the camping supplies in the game?
  3. The fact that the higher level phrases have a longer duration is kind of a bummer. I'm rolling a tankchanter now and 12 seconds to build 3 tokens feels fine for me, but with the third level phrases it takes twice the time (24 seconds) to build 3 tokens? I have Kana Rua in my party and he had a 6 second chant, while my character used 4 second chants. The difference between waiting 12 or 18 seconds to summon a phantom is really noticable, even for me.
  4. Could you post/pm me some hints on where to find them? Like just which general area/act? I've got Eder, Aloth, Durance, Sagani, Kana. Companion locations is the first spoiler I go for, bugs the hell out of me otherwise. Edit: Sorry for the OT!
  5. Do they use the word "subrace" or "ethnic group" when refering to diffrent groups Humans in PoE? What does it say in the Character Creator? The term "subrace" feels kind of... I don't know... Someone could say "the Humans in PoE are not like homo sapiens living on earth, they are just as made up as Orlans, yada yada yada..", but Humans in PoE are definitely analogous with real humans. That's why they call them "Humans". The same can be said for the "menfolk" of Elder Scrolls, that's why it gets (I know people hate this word, sorry) problematic when you start handing out bonuses in "athletics
  6. I was actually wondering about abilities AND attribute mods, clumsy phrasing on my part, so your post was actually on topic. While it's teeeeny bit of a bummer to see the mention of some races (Hearth Orlans) above others in the thread, I'm relieved that at least it isn't the Generic Humans this time around. The "adaptable" thing that humans often get tagged as in fantasy settings, which always seems to translate into something wildly preferable in the game mechanics (D&D, Shadowrun Returns, DAI...)
  7. Heya, nonbacker here. Was wondering, just as the title says, how much weight does the racial bonuses carry from a "powergaming" perspective? And how much of factor is choice of race overall? That has always been somewhat of a nitpick for me in both the IE and NWN games, that race factored in way too much in the game mechanics. In Baldurs Gate race restricts class choices and a -1 in strength can be limiting for a fighter. NWN did away with the class restrictions but ended up giving humans more skillpoints and feats, introduced "small stature" for halflings and gnomes, etc. Yes, I don't HAVE
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