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  1. The maps on the tables are awesome. I loved those as well. Nice detail.
  2. Mage spells are a complete mess. Ironskin lv 4 is a complete joke. Not even worth a 1st level slot.
  3. I'm very grateful for the upcomming patch. But I agree that nerfing those spells is lame. Please reconsider devs.
  4. The 1st and 2nd level kind. What ever you do, don't play any classic table top role playing games. I'd hate to see your head explode.
  5. Just encountered this same bug, I have 3 grimoires and only 1 of them functions properly. Same circumstances, made a level 3 mage and swapped him for alloth.
  6. Druid spells kick butt. But yeah, I agree with those above. Early game, they can be physically strong in melee. As that tapers off, their spells take over.
  7. Yeah the tooltips are messy in their presentation and it causes confusion on high int bonuses for those dots because it makes it sound like its doing the same amount of damage, just over the course of a longer period of time, which would mean high int is a detriment to dots. But I think thats just the tool tip and not how it actually works.
  8. My thoughts are that way too many spells in this game are tied to 'must be in combat'.
  9. The Arrow song is also OP, and some areas the corpse-explosion invocation can just be brutal. Chanter is easily my favorite class in this game. I used a stop watch with both a 20 int and 10 int chanter and the time to get 3 chant markers was identical: 18 seconds.
  10. You know, I'm not bringing up this issue to try and get the devs to all of a sudden change this game. I know that's just not going to happen. I'm talking about it now to give feedback so when they make a sequel or another similar game, that they take some of these things into greater consideration. If they see it as a hot button issue with a lot of good points being made, then maybe this type of feedback will help future development.
  11. . To note "Might" does denote physical strength in-game. I'm getting the idea that those who defend might in its current form use the 'Chuck Norris' definition of might. When you succeed in a might check such for that crumbling wall, its more like 'Chuck norris doesn't break down walls, they just fall to pieces in his presence'.
  12. I'll take obsidian;s large team of professional designers/coders with numerous successful games bought by hundreds of thousands of players over your 30 years of doing things your own way with a few friends. Or over what any armchair nobody wannabe designer/developer (modder) thinks the game should be like (in fact I'd go so far as to say I find many modders who think they know how to balance games created by other people better than those people to be very annoying most of the time) /shrug Plus, the idea of having strength be the only stat melee dps cares about along with int being the o
  13. I've shelved this game too until they fix these game breaking bugs. I want to enjoy the game to its fullest. So I will wait. It is agony though, because I want to play so bad. I hope they don't lose momentum in their sales because of these bugs, but can't say it wouldn't be justified either.
  14. You know, we can have negative critiques about things or even reviews that highlight things we don't like and still enjoy or love the game. There are several issues I have, that I know will not be changed for this game. But maybe the designers will take some of these critiques seriously and think about changes in the future for other games. And let me be clear, I want them to make more games like this and I will support them, financially, even if I don't like certain aspects. And as soon as they fix those damn game breaking bugs (like double click), I'll start playing the game again.
  15. Which must be why my mage and priest can both bend the bars with their bare hands to get into the castle. LOL, yeah makes sense. And by your logic a keen eye will magically make arrows, bolts, and bullets fly faster or be shot with more force... right! Call the stats whatever you like, I know names don't always make perfect sense but your version would make it yet another DnD game where we have 3 dump stats for each class with little to no variety. Edit: and to make you understand what might means... think of it as an equation, like P = U x I. Lets convert this to Might = Muscle stre
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