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  1. I'd just like to thank those who are (and, in the appropriate way, those who are not) participating in this discussion for mature, indifferent, and apropos responses to such a potentially contentous topic. The point of my original post is about the game and about choice, not about the particular real-world moral debate, and I admit that I was somewhat afraid that the thread would turn into a cesspit of hatred regarding the latter; I am extremely happy to see that it has not. Again, thank you.
  2. I'm playing through Defiance Bay right now, and I'm very disappointed with the content involving bitter squash (the Supply and Demand quest, etc.), especially with all the emphasis on moral choice and so forth in the CRPG world these days, Pillars of Eternity included. The player ought to be able to take a moral stand against the abortifacient. As it stands, it seems that the only options are to condone it, to quietly not do those quests, or to kill everybody involved. The player should at least be able to condemn it, and preferably be able to take action to cut the supply, get it outlawed, or so forth. With all of the choice to roleplay moral situations in various ways, the lack of choice here is really conspicuous. Moreover, with the prevalence of this as an actual moral issue in the modern world, it really seems like a huge oversight. I would really like to see some substantial options added here in a future patch. Edit: spelling fix
  3. Concerning the shot with the trolls: It might just be that I've been staring at it so long that I can't see it any other way, but the perspective doesn't seem consistent on the land and the water; it feels like I'm looking at the water from directly overhead. I don't feel like I've ever noticed this in any of the art before. Does anybody else see this? Is this perhaps a known thing?
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