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  1. So the bottom line is to use infinity? Like I said I prefer the isometric view of BG2 or Pillars of Eternity. I dislike the Neverwinter engine ...
  2. Hi all. I have participated in the funding of the first game and got a copy via steam. I really like RPG games and am more connected to Baldur's gate 2 and Pillars of eternity styles, as in an isometric view with a beautiful painting landscape, a group of adventurers and lots of text etc. I would like to learn modding for such games, preferably using pillars of eternity system simply because it looks a bit better then the old infinity engine and has cool stuff like the "events". My emphasize is on plot making, I don't really want to touch or change anything else, not the rules,
  3. Hello, I pledged for the game very early and was a bit disappointed from the game when it came out. The most important aspect for me is the plot and companions etc. and I found it quite not interesting at the beginning ad least. Now I want to finally give the game another chance but I want to know first who are the most important companions for the plot, which class should I choose plot wise and game wise, especially when taking into consideration the most important npc's that I take with me. Talking about class I really wanted hunter/ranger, but I heard he is the worst class, so I am
  4. I agree 100% percent. The story and setting are dull and uninteresting and are nowhere near Baldur's Gate 2. I hoped for something epic and we got mediocre at best. I will also add that although I do agree with what you said about the language, I think it's only secondary to the overall plot and setting and such. I could have forgiven the language if there was a sense of the epic feeling and interest I had in the Baldur's Gate 2 plot and setting. But there wasn't, so it's all nothing but one big mediocre gray game in terms of plot and setting.
  5. Completely agree. I'm here for the narrative as well so I hope for a good story and a good ending (good as in emotional, not necessarily "good").
  6. It is quite an annoying issue indeed. As many stated, almost every solution to this question is somehow unrealistic and has it's own ups and downs. However I do think the devs should have made a little bit of a different solution: in the form of magical bags that you can put as much stuff as you like in them and they loose their weight in them, and that's it (and it obviously also takes time until you get such begs for each of your companions and yourself, but through the game you will eventually find 1 bag for everyone). or something similar. I guess what they did is similar ^_^
  7. Completely agree, I prefer quality. If they think this is needed and it is possible financially, I don't have a problem with Obsidian postponing the release date in order to finish up what ever needed (though I can't wait already The example of other Infinity games are proving exactly this I think, since they were not polished in many ways, especially from story and plot perspectives, due to pressure of release date and publisher companies (correct me if I am wrong).
  8. Completely agree. It's nice that they care and develop all these different aspects, but some of us want more story and hope that all this does not come at the expense of the story development
  9. Thanks for the update. I've posted a thread that concerns companions and the plot because this is the most important aspect in my opinion in a story driven infinity game. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/63340-party-system/ I really hope that you would be able to make the party-companion-mechanism-plot work really good and fluent. First I think each companion should be heavily important to the main plot-arch and / or specifically and emotionally connected to the player somehow, and not some random encounter with the "hey you look interesting let me come along with you" fashion. In each of t
  10. I completely agree with Razsius and I'll also add that the fight cutscene in BG2 doesn't necessarily mean you stand and watch the fight, it may simply mean infinity engine limitation, when in reality what happens is that you try to save her but it's too late when you reach the scene. In any case this can easily be changed by changing the cutscene, not by cancelling cutscenes completely. What if every one of them has high Dexterity? So? Are you saying people with high dexterity can't fall? Your point is simply wrong (and no it's not bad writing if from all the companions, the ones
  11. I think I explained what I want in almost every way possible... - I also think characters should leave when it's logical (though you can perfectly match the "logical leaving" to a situation where you meet a new character so everything would match perfectly). The cutscenes where the protagonist stared at other NPC's moving were actually very few, short and to the point and they motivated the plot, and made it more interesting. I am totally up for more of them. - AND such scenes could work for what I want: if you are in a cave, and there's a ditch, 1 / 2 of your party members can fall to the
  12. By the way, if we are already on this issue, then the secondary discussion should be (again) about the party members themselves and their part and role in the game. See I don't want that available party members would be some strangers that we meet and all of a sudden decide to travel with them out of the blue. I want each of them to be very important and connected to the main plot or the player somehow, or to special circumstances that bring people together like being in a dungeon or other original methods. This is important because again, I don't assemble a party in role playing games whil
  13. No, it came to the exact point and discussion I wanted it to come to. Tsuga C finally started to discuss about what I put my emphasize on from the beginning and the reason I started this thread. He prefers to assemble 1 party and stick with it all the game and focus on well rounding between the classes, and just like Lephys said, he would be very upset to find out that his rouge that he put a lot of time and energy into for example is a traitor that has to leave him after all the effort he put into him (like the Yoshimo case for instance in BG2:SOA). Others also claimed that such a turn of ev
  14. Look up "Fallacy of Extension". I am unaware of anything like that being said by either myself or someone from Obsidian. Here's what was said, "All classes start out with bonuses in the skills that their classes most commonly use, but players can choose to reinforce or play against that top. If you want to make a paladin who delights in picking locks, you can do that and get a lot of utility out of the skill -- though the character will never be quite as good as a rogue who specializes in it." What this means is that there might be some doors, traps, chests, etc. that it takes a rogue to ope
  15. And besides I don't understand your vigorous antagonism. In almost every adventure features that involve a group questing together: books, films etc., they usually get separated at some point until they meet again. It's part of the thrill and fun. It makes the plot more interesting. Some events should be beyond our will and control. It makes us care. And yes, some of us prefer plot over class features. Or more accurately we don't see a reason to force us to take certain classes. Healing and lock picking should not be restricted to 1 class alone each. It has no value at all.
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