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  1. If Kana would have died while in battle, like with the Dragon or some other really hard battle I wouldn't have complained. Because after all I play on Trial of Iron. Now he died because I click the wrong choice in a conversion. Like either I click "yes" or "no".. oops!... I clicked "yes"... he died. I mean what does that have to do with skill or micromanagement. I fought a bad-ass dragon that took me a hour of micromanagement to kill and Kana was a total bad-ass, then the next day he died because I clicked "yes". lol Well, in a more positive light, I have completed PoE and got the "Frozen
  2. (I'm playing the expansions blind, haven't played them before) I'm 100 hours into my first triple crown attempt(yeah I'm taking it slow), had a blast for every minute... but its really hard. Well now Kana died in the quest "Ready the cannons" and all my will to continue the game is completely lost. I have fought dragons, hordes of foul creatures. I have been close to wipe the fellowship but always fought to survive. And how does Kana die..? He slips of a lift because I choose the wrong choice... like a 6 second decision. And how does is fellow adventure react... not all all. Nothing! R
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