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  1. Am I'm the only one that has an issue with the text in the game? To me the line height looks a bit too cramped and awkward. I often see weird alignments of paragraphs and overall the composition in the journals, dialogue boxes and such rubs me the wrong way, not entirely esthetically pleasing... Then again I've never actually played the game, just seen youtube videos and alike, maybe it has improved much since I last had a look.
  2. Does anyone know if we will get dream sequences like the one below in Pillars of Eternity? I just love these, find them totally mesmerizing and adding to the suspense and sense of mystery to the game. Haven't seen anything quite like them for a long time.
  3. He he exactly, I think the best weapons in the whole vanilla game was like +3 or something so that one is a keeper for sure
  4. I was wondering how common magical weapons and other enchanted gear will be in Pillars of Eternity? Personally I'd prefer them to be relatively rare like how it used to be in Baldur's Gate as oppose to a lot of more contemporary RPG's. Take Dragon Age: Inqusition for example. That game is littered with ├╝ber pimped hardware all over the place. It made me lose any sensation of excitment and accomplishment for the stuff I aquired over the course of the game. I would sometimes get fancy purple gear with all the bells and whistles after slaying a dragon only to find myself discarding it later on when I found a higher level "Common butter knife" in some generic barrel or whatever.
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