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  1. If chanter is Moon Godlike it makes sense for him to look different from Watcher Moon Godlike if their appereance reflects moon more than water/sea like it was in POE1. It creates unique feeling for companion not being another standard Moon Godlike. Unless he's a new aumaua subrace.
  2. So hard choices, all companions look intersting and we have only five member party this time . I have four Watchers but thinking about company for my first-born: PC - Moon Godlike priest of Eothas, no multi for him Pallegina - Kind Wayfarer paladin Aloth - wizard kicking Leaden Key asses/ eventually druid Maia Rua as ranger/druid or Xoti as monk/druid Eder - fighter or rogue, can't decide, it depends if Maia or Xoti are in party Blue Fish Man -- if he is a druid he will kick off Aloth (and Iselmyr) from the party. Would give him wizard class then. Or not.
  3. I don't think he is a Moon Godlike or Aumaua. Looks for me for a new race. I think he is aumaua ancestor associated with Ondra somehow. His Valentine says he is named Huana so....
  4. Xoti is mix of savannah folk and meadow folk. Josh confirmed on SA forums.
  5. Eothas: [smashes Caed Nua to bits, level drains the Watcher] Eothasian priest Watcher: -[Lore 2 requirement not met] -"Who's Eothas?" This. They changed dialogue with Eder with some patch. I remember there being something like 'How is Eothas perceived in Dyrwood?'. Eder then talks about Gaun.
  6. That interview confirmed that POE2 action takes place 3-5 years after POE events. So, orlan baby should be teen-age girl (orlans have shorter lifespan than other races). http://www.mmorpg.com/pillars-of-eternity/interviews/pillars-of-eternity-ii-welcome-to-the-deadfire-1000011505
  7. In one of the streams Josh said that Archipelago was situated in several climatic zones. So Deadfire is wider than we thought.
  8. I heard rumors about level cap being higher than in vanilla POE. Mabybe 16 levels? Or even higher? I heard too we could level more faster than in POE1.
  9. If you think that is bad, think about characters that are priests of Eothas. They are gonna be even more angry. Well, my Watcher is one of them. Time for apostasy.
  10. Give me back my 16 levels! Or 12! Blasted Eothas! I hope subclasses will be there to erase my pain. Best motivation ever to go hunting.
  11. Island aumaua with bird is a ranger. Wild orlan in white robe can be a monk. If you look at image from Josh Sawyer presentation in Kraków there are from right Pallegina, Eder, Aloth with Zahua and Sagani -- I mean paladin, fighter, wizard, monk and ranger. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/58877228/Code_Europe_2016_Game_Programmers.pdf
  12. Would like to stay with six but five is no tragedy. I am curious if they reduced party size because of smaller number of companions (ship image has five companions).
  13. About Hel from SA forums (they are opened now), quote from Josh Sawyer: People use the term Hel in two ways: 1) another way to refer to the Beyond, the place where souls go between incarnations or 2) the depths of the world, where people assume adra pillars originate. In most Eoran minds, these are the same place, the former being metaphysical/spiritual, the latter being the physical.
  14. Oh, man. I am glad I played priest of Eothas. The same Watcher? Dreams has come true. Well, Hel is mentioned in lorebook as something similar to Dragon Age's Fade.
  15. Awesome map! We can learn more about geography from stronghold adventures too. In the gulf between Dyrwood and Readceras called Ondra's Boot there is small archipelago of Bone Islands with Whiterock Isle and Ondra monastery for example. I believe we can see a piece of it on official map.
  16. Some interesting thing about backgorund colors, they are the equivalents of coat of arms backgrounds. Eder's green is Dyrwood, Aloth's blue is Aedyr, Pallegina's and yesterday's purple symbol are Vailian Republics. I think that the last two (navy blue and violet) might be colors of Pearl Coast/ eventually Aedyr and Readceras. Pearl Coast is linked with Deadfire Archipelago as its settlements were destroyed by pirates a long time ago. Here are the coats of arms for Eastern Reach lands. Have a look. Dyrwood Vailian Republics Pearl Coast Readceras I don't know what nation could whi
  17. Another one, the best in my opinion http://i.imgur.com/Poa2kPV.png
  18. Well, if you have save before, try to load it. Accept quest. When you leave, his son will talk to you and ask for sparing baby and killing his father. Your reputation will be safe in that case.
  19. Maybe companions are more associated with factions just like in Tyranny? It would be cool. It was a pity that POE 1 companions had nothing with actual factions in Defiance Bay. Not saying about Twin Elms.
  20. My thoughts: Should we continue story of Watcher? Yes, I like playing the same character in continuations. Although story of the Watcher seems to be finished I think they are still in awakened state but quiet now and see lost souls and so on. There is potential for new story not to say about our Watcher knowing whole truth about gods (new character cannot know this), so I find it to be main reason to use them again. I have no problem with 16th level - high level campaigns are the best for my taste. Although many people complain about it maybe Obsidian would cut some levels in that ca
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