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  1. Hi all, When enchanting weapons in game, is there a way to see which options will prevent other options from being chosen? For example if you find a unique armour which has: - upgrade to superb - 15% longer beneficial effects - 15% shorter negative effects - 15% spell resistance How many of these options can I choose? Which option will lock out others and which will not? If there is already a way to see this in game I'd be grateful to hear it, otherwise, is there any chance something like this could be added? Even just showing a cross on the other options when you mouse ov
  2. Thanks for all the responses! The maps look great, any word from official Obsidian sources on accuracy of all these maps? As Elric says, an official map of the whole of Eora would be a really cool teaser for POE 2. Is there any idea of where POE 2 might be set in the world?
  3. Hi forum! I find there are a lot of location names that aren't always in a clear location in the world. Whenever I make a new character or adventurers in game I always like to try and create a little back story for where they come from, how they met and why they are adventuring together. This leads to me having parties of characters from a similar geographical area, for instance an Orlan slave from the Vailain republic who an exiled noble paladin of the Darcozzi order helped to escape before coming to Defiance Bay. I mainly use the map in the collectors guidebook and the information on
  4. I seem to have run in to a bug where I cannot access the hidden area in which this book is found (following the map from Russetwood). I have a character with 11 mechanics who highlights the area purple, and when I mouse over the area my cursor changes to a glove. Despite this clicking on the area does nothing and so I can't access the tome. I have tried verifying game integrity already. My wizard is waiting for shadowflame Any suggestions?
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