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  1. One thing I personally hate is the Gate in the stronghold and everything like it. You have no idea of the combat going under it, all you see are various circles. They should have made those area's fade to disappear so you can see what is going on underneath it.
  2. Beta testing will probably be possible in the future when GoG Galaxy is released. Right now its still in alpha. http://www.gog.com/galaxy
  3. Any case where you have a class which can't tank - use them as a flanking style unit. Requires more micromanaging but with animal companion + tank. You should be able to pull it off. The only problem is you will be heavily focused on moving the ranger around and you may end up not noticing your other characters in trouble.
  4. Man speaks the truth. I came here from Pizza Palace - the entire world was made of Pepperoni Pizza. Sure it was sticky but no one went hungry and everyone died of heart disease.
  5. I think they should have had fun with it. If you bind him to the castle - you should get one of those Paper Dialog options going "You wake up to a deep somber moan in the room, as your eyes dart across the shadows you see not a soul in sight. Yet the moan echos throughout your head. Sweat rolls down your forehead as you hide under the sheets. Peeking above the covers to make sure no ghost roams your room. Just as you are about to go back to sleep you hear a deep rumbling voice. [ Name ] - I am the ghost or Eír Glanfath's Christmas past!."
  6. Wow super fail. How could I have forgotten about Suikoden (and Suikoden 2)! Thats the model for what a stronghold system can really be. Its not really a common game played in the west. Though it beats a vast majority of RPG's released. A shame really - because if you go to these classic game forums you will hear so many talking about cRPG's like baulders gate. But there are so many great rpgs not made state side that really should be given a shot. With that said - people ( especially obsidian dev's ) go play Sukoiden 2 and see how to make a great stronghold. The entire game
  7. sukoiden probably had one of the best strongholds in gaming history. With more than 100 recruitable characters each with his or her own personality trait that will leave and join based on the decisions you make.
  8. Hopefully 1.6 is a stronghold patch - to fix everything that doesn't make sense with it.
  9. Small Part of Medaows causes clipping when an Aura is applied. Minor bug I know - but still a bug. Attached save game at the location where it clips. It also clips a bit more up in a parallel to that line. But forgot to pause it and Screen cap it the first time. a bit more apparent on the map image http://i.imgur.com/pYDf8Xz.png 6e30ffadc68b4293be7b3e77e5d2822a 8245574 MagransFork.zip
  10. Good taste in comics. Its the only comic worth a damn. So sad that Bill Watterson ended it.
  11. After getting 2nd Hotfix for 1.3 I opened the game was at Readerics Castle decided to go back to the Stronghold. After a small period of loading the game crashed. Might have been better to have Primary character name + Location. Considering players with multiple characters would have a hard time figuring out which one is associated to which from random numbers. Anywho crash log + savegame attached. 2015-04-08_011946.zip 400a002a7e6943a2a75acf5bbdfabc39 8433216 RaedricsHold.zip Update 1: Worked after restarting steam But I ended up getting an event which doesn't seem po
  12. The game binary file is just 20MB though, so that's no excuse for a 600MB patch. The reason why patches are so ridiculously big on Steam, is that Steam does not support true incremental patches. I have no idea why they don't implement it - it's not rocket science, in fact the technology has existed for a long time and is used all over the Internet. Steam could probably save a sizeable amount of their server costs if they used it, not to mention increase customer satisfaction through shorter download times. The game binary file is just 20MB though, so that's no excuse for a
  13. There are Human Ciphers in the game. It is a learned ability which can be acquired by anyone with the mental prowess to do so. It was just first developed by the Tribal People.
  14. You can find the information here http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/76254-103-hotfix-doors-not-opening-due-to-fog-of-war/ Or you can read Patch notes totally made up by me; PATCH NOTES Added God Armor which lets you perform Hadouken By performing ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A you will gain super powers Chanters now have new ability - Break Dance of Doom which causes dragons to dance like its 1999 Corrected mistake 2 + 2 = 4 now its 2 + 2 = 22. Fixed Stuff
  15. This isn't your average rpg where dodging hits are rare. In PoE - dodging ( deflections ) are a lot more common than anywhere else. With that said when your character does get hit - you want them to be able to survive it. So the amount you put on your constitution is heavily based on how far the character is away from combat. The further away they are from the frontline - the less it needs.
  16. You can't really change a few lines and expect an update of equal size in a compiled game. If you are dealing with raw source you have a better chance of it though. == On a different note, the fog was so thick it was blocking doors? Crazy stuff.
  17. If I could play with the Diablo 3 Monk in PoE - I would be loving it.
  18. There are already 64 portraits. To have 1 portrait for every variation possible you would need more than 1050 portraits and that is a conservative estimate without even taking into consideration various color combinations.
  19. So you are ok that people start to influence Obsidian when they decide to view some part of content as offensive to them even if they have misunderstood the said content? Obsidian was able to create Pillars of Eternity through the help of 77000 backers, do you really think that vast majority of them find that limerick be so damaging they wouldn't buy the next Obsidian game? Then again if Obsidian starts to cater to SJW's and cut and remove content from the game everytime someone makes a fuss about something that will definately affect peoples willingness to buy it's products. Only party
  20. *sigh* it really doesn't matter who started the movement - it really is about the movement it self. The person who started it might have been a pure hypocrite, but it still holds meaning regardless. The whole issue is a grey area. Everyone has the right to their own opinion and should be free to say it, but as a commercial product obsidian does needs to cover its bases. After all, the media is a dangerous beast who can easily be swayed one way or the other. The media can make or break a company and its best to be on its side. During development of PoE ,Obsidian nearly went bankrupt now
  21. My PC is a monk and what I have learned so far is I use my Tanks to fight block off 90% of the enemy meele then send my monk to fight an enemy 1 on 1. He gets wounds and flanks the enemy with monk powers. So far its worked reasonably well.
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