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  1. I think it was because I had made a character in expert mode. I've changed the settings back though. Thanks for the help.
  2. Ok, maybe I missed something while I was on vacation, but when I got back the red and yellow circles that indicated where spells would hit was gone. Was this part of one of the updates? Did I hit something in options by accident?
  3. It is a bit annoying when you want a cape for your character so they look the way you want. Then again, I'm not exactly wowed by the cape graphic.
  4. I have been thinking about a wild orlan monk build. Just max out his perception and resolve. He would have a Deflection that was through the roof. I think it would be about 43 before adding in bonuses for say a shield. Damage would be low, but if anyone hit him, boom, he has the wound for a special.
  5. Do you think they will update the prima players guide? Seems like they changed enough things with the patches that they should do that for the digital editions. I'd settle for an Errata.
  6. So usually when something like this comes up my answer is pretty standard. Human ranger with a wolf companion. It fits me really well. For PoE I have been trying to break out of the usual cycles though. I haven't even made a human character yet. So, I went for a different approach to this and even made a character and played him till he hit second level. Male Nature Godlike (human descended) Druid. He spiritshifts into a wolf. He is from the Living Lands and his background is explorer. So he has a really good survival and lore skill, and after leveling his athletics, stealth, and mechanics all got a bump. His stats are might 10, constitution 12, dexerity 10, perception 12, intelligence 17, resolve 15. I feel it describes me to a reasonable extent. I am a forester and love to go hiking. I spend a lot of time in the great outdoors, but I'm more likely to be out there contemplating things than doing a big activity. I've always had an affinity for wolves. Rather importantly I am a scholarly individual with my nose in a book, always learning something new, gaining new lore. I grew up in a forested area, a real living land. As to explorer, well I am living in a foreign country right now and trying to see how many stamps I can get in my passport.
  7. They have the technology level just where I like it. I'm always a bit iffy about having guns in my fantasy, but they have kept it to the fairly primitive stuff. I start rolling my eyes when someone wants to introduce revolvers and rifles to sword and sorcery fantasy. I am another arcanis player, and I think they did the right fit too. That said, I don't mind firearms in a setting that is post medieval/renissance. For example, witch hunter is set during the colonial ear. Guns are a thing, but not a lot of guys walking around in plate armor.
  8. This would be awesome. It would really add to the world immersion element. I don't know anything about modding, but I wonder if someone could add a storage space to the library, just like when you click on it to find stuff.
  9. My suggestion will always be "go with what fits your character", but I'll be honest in that when it came to that choice, I had no idea how to interpret the binding/repairing the rope, either. After all, the Steward is tied to the Stronghold, and she's doing fine. If he's tied to the Stronghold, he will also not be reborn anytime soon, which could be a blessing to someone like him. But it could also be sentencing him to eternal torment and servitude, never-ending madness, chained to a rock while experiencing your previous lives over and over. Letting him go seems like a pretty neutral or good-ish thing to do, but the other two are pretty questioanble, morally, as to whether they're good or evil or whatever. It's very unclear how it happens or what the effects actually are. That is pretty much exactly what my thoughts were. I was hoping someone that chose the other options might know if it describes what happens in a way that makes the morality of it more clear. Heck, even the knowledge one is kind of vague. I mean I dont know if I've absorbed his soul completely or just made use of it then sent it off to the next life.
  10. I am playing my way through with a fire godlike cipher with an anti-social temper. So after defeating Maerwald I decided to go with option three, take the threads for knowledge. I am wondering about the other two options though, particularly the "morality" of repairing vs severing his soul rope for my next play through. The big question is does it come across as enslaving him if you bind him to the keep? I'm wanting to play a good guy ranger and that seems a bit off from what he would want to do. Cutting the rope to set him free seems like it is meant to be the "good guy" option. I'd like any thoughts from people that have chosen to bind Maerwald to the keep or set his soul free from the world.
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