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  1. I'm with a lot of others in here. I'm used to and generally prefer the six party member size group. I've never found it cumbersome or difficult to use and it can allow a lot of fun with mixing up party combinations in odd ways. It also allows for a decent amount of banter and interaction as well. Five is playing a little. . . odd for me. I dunno how to describe it but it just doesn't 'feel' as good or as natural or comfortable as six does. Just my two cents.
  2. Yea I just dislike not being able to take the initiative and prepare for a fight. In Baldur's Gate if I was in a creepy dark dank dungeon I would always have bless and chant on and usually stone skin and mirror image on my sorcerer. Just to be prepared for what might be around the next corner you know? Edit: But really, it's such a minor complaint on the whole! Just a few things that personally I would like an option to change.
  3. I did notice the loss of Magic Missiles, especially as a long time BG player. But my only real complaint is the fact a ton of spells are restricted to 'Combat Only'. Personally I would like those to be available when an enemy is sighted, so I can scout out a target, buff up and attack it. But that is just my personal preference, I do like the challenge of it, but sometimes it really does bug me that I can SEE the enemy RIGHT there but I can prepare to fight them. . . which defies logic. . . Durance: 'I'll wait until they are trying to stab you Eloth, then I'll put the Armor of Faith on you. . . until then, just stand there and look pretty!'
  4. I was just having a discussion with my wife, after having some time to really sink my teeth into Pillars last weekend and this weekend, just how advanced is technology is some places of Eora? We have pistols, blunderbuss's and the arquebus which gives me real vibes of another really good RPG, Arcanum. As well as things like the monocle, which is just cheesy cool! But on topic, do we know how advanced some parts of the world are? Are we talking ships with cannons, steam power? Gliders? Or is the entire place in roughly the late middle ages?
  5. Can't thank you guys enough for having the courage to go back and try something that a lot of other's simply won't and exploring the concept further with more modern technology. It's a return to the classic style of RPG that has been in need of new content that isn't all about who has the shiniest most hardware intensive game you could possibly imagine. More Story, more substance, a richer world and an amazing graphic style and an original IP. It also feels like it has a lot more honest heart then you get from games that are all about "How much can we milk from the gamers today? Lets remove half the game and sell it as day one DLC!" So thank YOU! If you make good games they will come. This is certainly shaping up to be one of the finest in a very long time! Keep up the amazing work and the development vlog's are an amazing insight. Love them! Keep it up guys! You are doing an incredible job!
  6. Oh Lord that song. It has repeated so many times... my ears will bleed!!
  7. As someone who has never really played a Paladin, only watched them, I did find them almost completely pointless in games like BG and IWD when compared to fighters and clerics left pure class. I will be very interested to see where they take them. I will still be very happy with my beloved Spell casters and I have no intention of wading into the dirty melee mud. No.
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