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The Deadfire Scavenger Codes - WE FOUND THEM ALL - Cutthroat Cosmo! - Bonus Pets!

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From what I gathered,some of them being random GOG keys whas a complete coincidence

Kind of many coincidences :)

And if you try to redeem a code, GoG promptly finds you a related game. It shows "Apologies, this code no longer appears to work" once you try to continue, but my understanding was that this is because the codes were already redeemed, no?

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Yep. GOG accepts random letters. I just closed my eyes and pressed randomly on my keyboard and got Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as a result.




GOG redeeming is probably not related.

Yeah.  That feels likely.  Embedding random GOG codes all over the internet is an esoteric way of dropping hints, especially when none of them seem to have any bearing on the game you're trying to hype.


Edit: Yeah, generated a bunch of random 6-digit codes over here, and almost all of them redeemed to some expired offer without worrying about forward/backward nonsense.


Nah, you can type whatever random code like the ones we have, and you'd still get the same message. The GoG theory is a dud.

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But that's just speculation, right? No one from Obsidian has confirmed anything about these codes, to my knowledge.


Correct.  There's been no confirmation about anything.  We haven't even had an acknowledgement that we found these codes.  We discuss this subject pretty openly on Obsidian's own discord server, and the devs and admins who hang out there are extraordinarily quiet when the subject comes up.  So, not that we really expected it to be the case, but this isn't just a rogue employee secretly offloading old game keys.  It's a coordinated effort we haven't entirely figured out.


But without a little more to go on, it is really difficult to tell if our random collection of strings are pieces to an unknown puzzle, or if we just type them in to the console and a thing happens after the game is released.


The truth is out there.


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Haha, sorry should've clarified. But what about the position of B on the keyboard, then flip your keyboard upside down, remembering the position of B (B = N, t = U etc).

I could spell out Nuk6xp. And then some guesswork but... Nuka? Fallout?

6 = A? XP = Expansion?

EDIT: I have european/swedish keyboard, so if it is something like this then mine wouldn't show the right one because of åäö.

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Code on book with message on back - 25Pwqv


"What ?emotes? are you talking about Manifest" Not sure if this is what it says, my eyes are failing me.

"What codes are you talking about Manifest"

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