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  1. Was going on a little wardrobe silliness rampage when I noticed his pipe beahving strangely. Apparently, the smoldering tobacco decided to "fall" off of it, preferring to burn a his feet, it seems. (Whoopsie daisy, posted it in the wrong section. Could someone move it please?)
  2. I am very grateful to this Alyeh dude that took the time to make this album from Cohh's stream. He deserves proper recognition.
  3. Good idea, they are certainly doing a tutorial/prologue part again. Well, our Watchers will have to learn the ropes when it comes to ship owning & crew commanding, so I'm gonna guess she'll be a seafaring mentor of sorts
  4. Anyone in the mood for some sea battle? Behold a speeding shape A ship upon the waves Racing swift as death Torment from the pits of Hell In seas where pirates dwell The armada sets it's course Shadowed by skull and cross-boned force The crow's nest spots the flag The captain's plans have hit a snag With your lives, defend the gold In a fire fight yet to unfold Opposing ships steered side by side Fear on the bridge is realized Cannons blaze in wood they blast The Spanish ship is sinking fast Raiders board the ship Plunder all their fold As they're lunging for
  5. Don't panic, @znin21. The beta works fine on GOG. First thing first: have you carefully read the instructions on how to activate it through Galaxy? You can find them here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/94318-welcome-to-the-deadfire-backer-beta/page-1# Make sure to scroll all the way to the "Download on GoG" section and follow what it says.
  6. Hello, Also, vanishing UI And lastly, this corpse is very determined to level up (as you can see in the log)
  7. The bearded dude wearing a tricorne hat in the first row on the right reminds me a whole lot of André The Giant for some reason.
  8. Also, here is your proof. It's an IT/IT dictionary, but the second entry is pretty universal, methinks http://dizionari.repubblica.it/Italiano/F/fessa.php "Fessa" is a semi-old-fashioned word for, well, p*ssy, but it's still used today in many southern italian dialects. And, since the diminutive in italian is formed by noun + ino/ina depending from gender, well. There you have it. Also, in the current spoken language, the masculine form "Fesso" still holds the meaning of "imbecile", which is not a super good thing either.
  9. Definitely. I cracked up in a most shameful manner upon reading it. Even though I cannot wait to recruit her, so I can have someone in the party I can call "my li'l c*nt".
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