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Patch for GoG users?

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GOG is extremly slow on passing on updates.

I speak from 5+ years of experience as one of thier customers.


Standard Delay :

3 to 8 WEEKS, if your lucky!


If they mess up the patching process for the "downloadable installer", they don't fix it.

And you, as a customer,  have no way of letting them know they need to fix it.


Example : the game "Evil Genius" sold by GOG

Claims to be patched to 1.01

They ship version 1.0 ( No DRM ) .exe with all the other files version 1.01( ??? )



A standalone ( patch / patcher ) direct from Obsidian would be ideal.

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Really regret getting the GOG version, should have gone with Steam.

You are aware the patch introduced all kinds of new bugs, right ? Look at the threads of steam users unable to loot chests etc.


Thought these bugs where already removed by the hotfix.

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They tried to fix one or more of these issues with a 2nd patch a few hours later though.


Nice, i must have missed the second patch (probably cause it didn't get an extra version number increase). In that case, i look forward to the GOG adaptation.

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it should only be delayed 3-4 days I heard? Thats not so bad

Depending on how they handle the hotfix they released after. Still I don't mind waiting a few days. It's just regretable that we have to wait during the weekend. :D

Derpdragon of the Obsidian Order

Derpdragons everywhere. I like spears.


No sleep for the Watcher... because he was busy playing Pillars of Eternity instead.

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GoG are not that slow on patching, give them couple of days.

Besides as pointed out before, no one will die from delayed patch and maybe its better attitude not to anxiously wait for it anyway ;)


An amusing yet dark bit of humor:


In ~50 years when some of these folks who need insta-gratification, have the attention span of a rabbit on crack, and just generally freak out about little things.... people just might die from a delayed patch due to a heart attack or stroking out....


Put some of these folks into an even well taken care of 80 year old body and that's what's likely to happen.


Hopefully somewhere along the way they learn a bit of patience and how to mellow out, or they probably won't even make it to 65, let alone 80.

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