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  1. lol I have considered this but then the character would be flawed again in a different way, too powerful. If that is the case, then you cannot have an "unflawed" character. Which, in my opinion, is a good (realistic) thing. The point of the balancing act they are doing is so there is no perfect build.
  2. $20 - $25 for an expansion was about what I was thinking. I don't remember what expansions cost back when the old IE games came out.
  3. I am unfortunately currently unemployed, but with the extra time I have, it could do me some good to delve into a project like this.
  4. Or...why get paid once when you can get paid twice. As far as I know, they are only charging one price for both parts.
  5. As someone who never used the mp in the IE games and unlikely to in any future PoE games, I get the resources taken away from single player argument. I did not really think about it, but with a company as small as Obsidian, I think it is a safe bet that adding mp will strain their resources. Anyway, as long as they delivered me a good rpg, I would not care if it had mp or not, but I have not really seen as high a demand for it as other features like romance.
  6. People misunderstood what I was trying to say. I was saying the games were the draw for people to support PoE, not multiplayer was the draw for those games hence the commas. I was just stating the games that were used to market this one had mp, but I never heard anyone say it ruined those games, only that it added to the experience.
  7. I don't understand why people who backed/support a game which used Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale, games that had multiplayer, as its main draw be so against mp in PoE. I don't personally care if it has it or not, but I just don't understand why some seem so against it.
  8. I was just about to start a new game in Spanish. With an English translation available right in game, I won't have to look up any translations I get stuck on.
  9. I got my normal box in a padded envelope. It had a slight dent in one corner which I cannot seem to tell which corner it was now looking at the box.
  10. I guess I am mildly arachnophobic. Small spiders don't bother me, but large, hairy ones freak me out. While going through the endless paths, I had fun killing all the spiders, but then I saw the spider queen and turned around and left. I haven't been back there since.
  11. It is not broken. It just doesn't work the way you want it to. I cast spells with my wizards in nearly every battle; the exceptions being battles too short to even cast anything. I still don't run out of camping supplies. Like I said, if you want to be constantly slinging spells at all times, you are playing the wrong game (though you are welcome to use a mod or the console to change that). You couldn't do it in Baldur's Gate (unless you rest spammed), so I don't know why you were expecting it in this game.
  12. I think the system is working like intended. You just don't like the system so it must be "broken." So, yes, I think you do need a mod to modify the game more to your liking. I have no problem with that. People can mod a single player game all they want. People seem to want to have their wizards constantly casting spells. If that is the case, you are playing the wrong game. If you played Baldur's Gate or most any other IE game that this game is based on, you would know that (unless you rest-spammed).
  13. I always find it interesting how differently people play these games. It wasn't until I came to these boards that I knew rest spamming was a thing in BG. The only reason I ever really rested in that game was because my characters got fatigued. Now in Pillars, I see people complaining they have to backtrack to get more supplies, and others saying they don't seven use all the supplies they have. I usually start of using per encounter skills first, and for most skirmishes, the fight is over by the time I'm done using those. For fights that linger longer, I will use a per rest ability or two. For the occasional really tough fights, I will use quite a few per rest abilities and usually need to rest after those fights as I would expect adventurers would need to. I don't see how people are using up all their per rest abilities/spells unless they are just nuking everything from the start of every battle. If people just want to cast spells all the time without having to rest, they would either: a) Have to weaken spells. I would hate this as I want spells/wizards to be powerful. b) Have to make spellcasting time much higher. The more powerful the spell, the longer it would take to cast. I would actually like this and wonder if that could be modded in.
  14. The thing is all the biggest pro xp arguments were "not killing enemies will be the easier, more efficient way to play" and "their won't be enough incentive/reward in killing over sneaking." Anti-experience people argued "most combat will probably be unavoidable" and "you will get loot/other rewards if you kill." Now you seem to be complaining that combat should be avoidable and you shouldn't get rewards for killing things? This feels completely counter to what was said before.
  15. Yeah, I was kinda thinking the same. I am hoping a mod can fix this eventually, or I can at least give them attributes I find better fits their character/background.
  16. This sounds like a file access problem. I'm not sure where save games are kept for Pillars, but if it is in an admin access only location this could happen. Older games used to have the save folder right in the program files with the rest of the game. Now windows restricts access to the program files to admin.
  17. As someone who doesn't care about achievements (I got the GOG version), I find it disturbing how much some people care about them. But, I still find it odd to place an unobtainable achievement to prevent 100%. Has it been confirmed that that achievement is needed? I know there was at least one game that had achievements on the PS3/XBOX360 that had an achievement that wasn't needed to get "100%".
  18. I'm okay with waiting, but I haven't run into a single bug yet. I would like to experience the balance changes though.
  19. By the time they made and tested a standalone patcher, it would probably be up on GOG. Assuming they haven't already made one.
  20. I like the resting mechanics personally. I have yet to have to backtrack for camping supplies and usually have at least 1 set left over by the time I get to a town (playing on normal). Maybe hard is too hard for you right now if you are taking so much damage and using so many per rest abilities/spells every battle. Edit: Also, all the text size changes in your post are kind of weird to look at. The color changes, however, did make it easier to read for me with the exception of the red.
  21. Isn't it part of their artistic freedom to change it if they want. So, if Obsidian were to put it back in a later patch, does that mean they caved into public pressure and compromised their artistic freedom again? Or since it's what you wanted, then it's okay? What if they never wanted it there in the first place, and it just slipped by? If they had created the content, I am sure they would defend it and keep it there. I really don't think anyone part of the creative process read the backer tombstones, and once it was brought to their attention decided they didn't want it in there.
  22. I expected this when the kickstarter started. If you are doing a throwback game, people are going to hate the "vintage" design and mechanics, but these mechanics are the whole reason most of the people backed the game.
  23. I keep getting tempted to stop playing until the patch when reading these topics, but I have yet to run into a single bug.
  24. I don't get why people are taking so much damage all the time. My front line fighters are pretty sturdy and take most of the damage while my support characters stay back and cast spells and use abilities. With the exception of the teleporting enemies, this seems to work fine, and I often don't even use up all my camping supplies before I get back to town. However, in Baldur's Gate, I also didn't use rest spam as I never thought of doing that. With the exception of after major battles, the only reason i ever really rested in BG was because my characters got fatigued, and when I did rest I often still had unused memorized spells. I don't know what other people are doing while playing these games that makes them have to rest so often.
  25. That would be truly disappointing if true. Not because I'm dead set against it being removed. No, I don't care about that. But there's the small matter of a character breaking bug that's preventing me from playing the game right now, and I would be down right pissed if Obsidian put this as the higher priority. I don't think this is as much of a PR problem as it seems to us who closely follow the game. Also, I don't think removing this takes any technical effort on Obsidian's part. So I wouldn't be concerned it is affecting bug fixing at all. Removing it would still be a patch, which would still require testing and going through whatever Obsidian's and the vendors' process is for releasing a new build. So if they pushed out an emergency patch to fix this, it would indeed delay crucial bug fixes. My first sentence was to imply that it wasn't something that needed to go out immediately as it wasn't a big PR problem and could probably easily be released with the next patch without delaying it.
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