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  1. That would be truly disappointing if true. Not because I'm dead set against it being removed. No, I don't care about that. But there's the small matter of a character breaking bug that's preventing me from playing the game right now, and I would be down right pissed if Obsidian put this as the higher priority. I don't think this is as much of a PR problem as it seems to us who closely follow the game. Also, I don't think removing this takes any technical effort on Obsidian's part. So I wouldn't be concerned it is affecting bug fixing at all.
  2. If you double click a piece of equipment to equip it to your character all active bonuses will disappear. For activated bonuses, this is "okay" because you can just reactivate them, but for passive, always active bonuses you just lose them forever. If you do it to any party member that is not the main character, you can just dismiss and re-recruit them to get the bonuses back i believe.
  3. How can it stack? It removes all of your bonuses. You can't take away from nothing. You could get more bonuses later and then remove those I assume.
  4. I have yet to run into any bugs other than the double-click equipping one, and only because I wanted to see if it would work as I had always been dragging to equip things. So I will continue playing until something really bad happens.
  5. Wow, that was a lot of pages to read. I will go ahead and post my thoughts on this discussion. 1. First of all, Obsidian has no reason to defend the content. They did not create it. If it had been some kind of theme in the game such as slavery or something, then they should, and I am sure would, defend the content with why they included it and what they hoped to achieve from it. However, they didn't, so I don't expect them to. 2. They seem to be in a no win situation at this point. If they remove it, they will be accused of caving in to social pressure even if that is not the case. I could decide to do or say something in a work I create, and at first thought be okay with it. Then, someone could bring up to me reasons why I should not do or say said thing. I could agree with them and remove said thing from my work without it being me caving in. I could of just had my mind changed about including the thing in my work. 3. I personally don't see anything wrong with the limerick. As someone who believes that you should try to not be offensive if you can help it, I think this is just people trying too hard to be offended, and I wouldn't remove it if it was my choice. However, I would not blame or feel any ill will towards Obsidian if they did, because it is not really their work.
  6. I always first play as paladin, then usually ranger. I am playing a high intelligence and resolve paladin right now. He seems to do very well against human/melee opponents and the more supernatural/magic-using the opponent the worse he is.
  7. Yes. Because you aren't breaking the rules; you aren't actually forcing the game to accommodate you outside of what the creators intended for you to be capable of doing. In that case the creators clearly *intended* for you to be *capable* of playing the game in the fashion. It may be cheap, it may be lazy, it may not be their original narrative intention, it may be a lot of things but it's not cheating, it's simply using an option that was knowingly and deliberately given to you for your use. Cheating, by definition, involves dishonesty. Cheating means you are doing something you were never meant or intended to do for your own self benefit. It does not mean using an option that was deliberately provided to you which subverts some aspect of gameplay. It's a single player game. There is no dishonesty in using the console. Also, it is the creators' intention for you to be able to modify the game using the console. They could have made it inaccessible if they wanted.
  8. Alessandro grew up in a rich Vailian family. He became disillusioned by the politicking and material nature of his family's lifestyle. He left to spread the idea of bringing about good through being earnest and forthright. He is intelligent and knowledgeable after studying many years in the aristocracy and has high resolve due to his conviction.
  9. I thought it was worth the pledge a while ago. I pledged because I wanted to see this kind of game made again. Once I saw enough to know they were making what they said they were and were going to make it to release, then the whole reason I pledged was met. I didn't even need all these nice rewards.
  10. I would guess it is for enhancing through crafting or enchanting. Maybe you can only do it 12 times?
  11. They are supposed to be shipping the disc separately from the rest of the physical rewards due to not being able to press the discs in time to have them shipped by release date. Edit: To be more clear, they are shipping everything but the disc first in order to get all the physical rewards to backers by release. Then, shipping the discs when they are pressed with the final game data.
  12. Steam updates at 1 PM EST everyday. That's when deals, including the deal of the day, start and end. I'm not sure about GOG though. It is possible people who redeem on GOG can get the game first.
  13. I am using http://babynameguide.com/ It has names from different languages along with meanings for them. I would check what languages the culture of your character is based on and go from there.
  14. Yeah, I have been watching the first 20-30 minutes of multiple streams. I wanted to see something but not get spoiled. It looks exactly like what I expected/hoped when I pledged.
  15. I played the first Baldur's Gate somewhere around 2000 or 2001. I got past Candlekeep, it seemed too hard and I quit playing it. Sometime later, maybe a year, I got the Soulbringer/Planescape: Torment double pack. I figured I would just play Soulbringer and it was worth the price for just the one game, but then I tried Torment, and it changed my life from that point on. It was my first experience with a video game where it was more than just playing for fun, and the first game I played to the end credits. Before, I would just play Mario or Mega Man or whatever to pass the time, but Torment made me realize that games could tell a story and give you an experience like a book or a movie could. It kind of ruined games for me for a while, because I didn't want to play any game unless it was as moving as Torment was. I went back and played BG and appreciated it much more. Planescape:Torment is still to this day my favorite game of all time. I am very happy with the little I have seen and heard so far with the new Torment game
  16. If I had to choose today, I would back, but for less than I did for the first. But, I have a feeling that after the release of POE I will probably back the next kickstarter for more.
  17. You could make side quests more difficult than critical quests, but it doesn't really fix the problem of the main questline becoming too easy. Though I would not care if it was if I got significant challenge from side quests. I like the idea of being able to roleplay a rich guy who can buy his way out of problems through bribery, hiring assassins/mercenaries, or paying for insanely expensive goods/services. This could only work if making that kind of money was difficult and required use of certain skills.
  18. I'm going to have to disagree with Gromnir. If i understand what you are saying, it is that a crit-path player should be able to complete the game with moderate challenge. Completionists, however, should not gain any significant advantage from having done all the sidequests. People who do all the side quests want to be richer/more powerful/at an advantage compared to a crit-path player. The idea that a completionist should not be more powerful than a crit-path player seems silly. Completionists want meaningful reward for doing all the side quests. I am not a completionist myself, but if I played straight through the crit-path, then replayed the game doing all the side quests and exploring everything and the game didn't play any differently, and I didn't feel I gained anything for having done all that extra stuff, I would be disappointed.
  19. The few reviews of his I have seen seemed pretty good. I don't know where people are getting the "console gamer" tag from. Maybe I haven't seen enough of his videos, because he reviews PC exclusive games and has reviewed mult-iplatform games on PC.
  20. I am finally getting what some of the kill xp people are saying about exploring and not getting xp. It is very plausible in BG1 to go around exploring the maps killing creatures and gain levels. With only quest/objective related xp, someone who did that would have to stop their exploring occasionally and find some quests to do to level up. Someone like me who mainly focused on doing quests, however, did not have to stop doing quests and go out killing random creatures in the wilderness to gain levels. This is the only valid argument for kill xp that I can think of. The only solution I can think of off the top of my head is to give a significant amount of xp for just exploring the maps.
  21. Planescape: Torment is still my favorite game of all time, so I guess it is the biggest reason I backed. Now with the new Torment game being made, I am hoping this game is more like Baldur's Gate.
  22. I liked how the characters walked in Torment and you could make them run if you wanted.
  23. You need to just give this up Gromnir, Stun has set in his mind what he thought you meant even though your posts obviously say differently. On topic, I actually missed the whole experience thing for a while and just found out a couple months ago, and I thought I was following updates pretty well. I didn't mind it however, and actually liked the idea. Also, the only thing I expected from this game was that it was an isometric, party-based crpg with fun, tactical combat and characters and a narrative of a quality I have come to expect from Obsidian. So, the only thing Obsidian can do to disappoint me is to have boring combat or bad writing. The latter of which I'm not really concerned about.
  24. Really? Do you buy an RPG to just play it once?Because after that first playthrough your stated reason for exploring has been eliminated. You now know what's out there. Then what? Then, exploration doesn't matter as much. I play RPGs for much more than just exploring the world though. I replay for reliving the story or "exploring" new solutions for quests or different interactions with characters. I'm sure you will probably find quests by exploring, and therefore, exploring will gain you experience anyway. K but now you just pulled another cup and ball game where you shifted the argument again.. "I play RPGs for much more than just exploring the world though." No ****.. we all do.. He was making a point don't be reductive. He asked if I only played RPGs once, implying that without reason to explore, there was no reason to replay the game. Even with experince for kills, i still don't explore parts of Baldur's Gate I already have unless there are quests there. Experience doesn't entice me to explore, quests do. It's not really exploring after the first time, then it's just mining for experience and that isn't fun for me. However, redoing quests/battles differently is fun.
  25. Really? Do you buy an RPG to just play it once?Because after that first playthrough your stated reason for exploring has been eliminated. You now know what's out there. Then what? Then, exploration doesn't matter as much. I play RPGs for much more than just exploring the world though. I replay for reliving the story or "exploring" new solutions for quests or different interactions with characters. I'm sure you will probably find quests by exploring, and therefore, exploring will gain you experience anyway.
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