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  1. It's just awesome to look at some of the village areas and landscapes. So much detail, and to think with Baldurs Gate I wanted to run in 640x480 so bad, but my PC couldn't handle it so I was stuck at a far lower resolution.
  2. It's in 1080p. Would love to get a 1440p...but was bit too much of a stretch. Interested to see those new 5k ultra-wide ones though... :D
  3. So I just left the ruin area and came across a cut scene with some people performing a ritual (staying vague to avoid spoilers). After the cut-scene I need to head towards Gilded Vale - however I can't figure out how to leave the area. The "Road South" doesn't seem to activate, I move through the archway but still remain in the same area. Any ideas what I am doing wrong here?
  4. Really pleased to see how awesome Pillars of Eternity looks on my super-widescreen monitor. So many developers fail to support these monitors, so thank you Obsidian for doing an awesome job.
  5. Am I right that the GOG version is also available to play tomorrow and not right now?
  6. There's a lot of excitement here about the keys. Am I wrong in thinking that when you get the key you still have to wait for release day?
  7. Again 1. These people got early copies 2. They have had these copies for days 3. These are "professional" streamers/reviewers 4. They tend to be fans of the IE games and should be familar with basic mechanics and the ability to adapt to new ones 5. They are showing off how to play the game I hold them to a much higher standard than some new guy who is playing his first 5 minutes. Also, I find engagement to be very intuitive. When Josh announced it I thought it made perfect sense. This mechanic also exists in other games. Points 3 and 4 are false to some degree. I saw streamers who played so badly that I don't even think they know what IE games are and secondly I refer to what I said earlier, streamers with about 30 followers. Some of those streamers are also too young to have played the IE games aren't they? (Unless they played them in recent years).
  8. Oh don't get me wrong, I think it is great! (Just jealous as I have a larger channel then most of those guys... :D )
  9. Thanks for the info. Well that makes sense then, although it seems a bit odd that some of these YouTube people only have 200 subscribers. Quite small channels to get review copies.
  10. I see a load of people playing Pillars on YouTube already. Some of these channels are really small (less than 200 subscribers in some cases), I can't believe these small channels are getting review copies. So - anyone know how all these people are playing Pillars of Eternity already?
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