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  1. Yes, but who set that context... "A system that separates the two would be more logical and elegant." - Vicarius "I just feel logically combat performance and personality shouldn't be so closely tied." - Vicarius The reason this became an argument against the logic of an alternate system is because you began by arguing against the logic of the existing system. It's the context you set. Maybe instead of starting out by claiming the PoE system isn't logical, you could have instead cited some examples that fit your personal playstyle. Because that's really what this is about, your playstyle - not logic. The Elder Scrolls comes to mind, which implements Speechcraft and Pursasion: http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Persuasion http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Speechcraf Totally disagree. I didn't set the tone for anything. I simply justified logically how an alternate system could work. As I said, agree or disagree with a system all you want. That is what forums are for. A split system is more flexible and elegant. Is it too complex? Depends on how it's implemented.
  2. I can be considered intelligent in a few areas of expertise, this does not make me a renaissance man. I could even be considered mighty in a few areas, I am certainly not intimidating. Attributes in life are not blanket allowances. I don't mind peoples opinions on an alternate system but trying to argue against the logic of such a sytem is a bit disengenous. As much as I love conversation and alternate solutions, I dislike even more sacrificing combat ability for the sake of conversation. It binds me to a few classes as a lead character because I just cannot roll a combat flawed character willingly.
  3. Have you ever read, "The Art of War," by Sun Tzu? Cause there's this quote about "knowing yourself" that pretty much logically concludes the opposite. Yeah but that is on a macro or strategic/operational level. It has little to do with how well person can swing a sword. Have a look at boxing or mma world champions over the last 10 years. Nobody would say they all are equally capable socially. Although it could be argued most rolled 3's. haha Well I hate to break it to ya, but Sun Tzu wrote this some 2,000 years about (500 BC era), and statues of him literally have him wearing a sword. He wrote this during a time where the sword was actually the main weapon. Boxing and MMA is a "controlled" environment for simulated fighting under a predefined set of rules. That has nothing to do with true unconstrained warfare, which is what you technically experience in PoE; the same unconstrained environment Sun Tzu operated in. But yeah, lol at the rolling of 3's And when you say that it's not about how well a person can swing a sword I'm not sure how you're making that distinction. For example, just having High Strength or Dexterity doesn't mean you are automatically good at using a weapon. The weapon proficiency comes from years of practice. In a video game we don't have that long, so when you're maxing Str and Dex, you're essentially giving that character a background where they spent years of their lives honing those attributes. That is very much a strategic/operational decision that Sun Tzu's philosophies apply towards. And it would certainly impact a persons personality. No really, the book was written on a strategic (army) level. Sun Tzu was a general and philosopher. Let's not argue that because the man is depicted wearing a sword that his whole book was written about swordplay. It wasn't. Let's not use this as evidence that something the book was not about, individual personality, is closely tied to warrior capability. You're starting to roll sub 10's my friend. edit: Beyond common cause, are soldiers in modern armies clones sharing identical personalities? Of course not.
  4. Have you ever read, "The Art of War," by Sun Tzu? Cause there's this quote about "knowing yourself" that pretty much logically concludes the opposite. Yeah but that is on a macro or strategic/operational level. It has little to do with how well person can swing a sword. Have a look at boxing or mma world champions over the last 10 years. Nobody would say they all are equally capable socially. Although it could be argued most rolled 3's. haha
  5. I had my issues with PST as well!! I think some are misunderstanding what I'm saying here. I enjoy most the tweaking of and resultant performance of a character and party. I will not make concessions in a character to allow for dialog. The problem with this is that I love additional dialog and choices as well!! If the two were separated from each other I would be happy. I do not want to have all dialog options available, this isn't what I mean by "a perfect character in my mind". I just feel logically combat performance and personality shouldn't be so closely tied. An alternate skill system for developing the personality of a character and thereby unlocking additional dialog and choices as you travel. Completely unrelated to the combat performance of the character. "Through your travels and encounters you have experienced many behaviors and choose apply this experience to the study of (Disposition, Intellect, Body language, Persuasion, etc.)" You still have to make limited choices on how your character is perceived in the world. I hope this better describes what I'm saying.
  6. lol I have considered this but then the character would be flawed again in a different way, too powerful.
  7. This may be your problem. As I said in my post that rogue would certainly not reach it's full potential so it is flawed. To answer your question, I am saying it's flawed and I wouldn't enjoy playing it. This may be your problem. Also this bears repeating. The vast majority of alternate solutions are tied to INT and RES unless you play an aggressive character and use the MIG solutions. BTW all players play the game in their own way. In that sense all players have their own "problems". I just can't bring myself to play a character I know is flawed. I know many people are just like me. My party is like a machine to me and I want it to work optimally. It's why i reroll so much, I simply come up with a more interesting "machine" to play with lol. I guess it's my inner engineer. I thought about this some this morning. Separating personality from combat effectiveness makes sense. Let's take one attribute and one class, Intelligence and wizard. Intelligence as it applies to combat effectiveness simply means the wizard has a high aptitude in wizardry with the result being longer durations with a larger aoe radius. Intelligence as it applies to wizardry is strong. Being intelligent in one area of expertise doesn't necessarily make one intelligent overall. A system that separates the two would be more logical and elegant. I know I would prefer something like this if it were done well. Just my thoughts..
  8. I have played this game to L11'ish atleast 5 times on potd and I never finish. I'm actually rerolling again as news of new patches circulate. Don't misunderstand me, I love the game. I have personal issues and never finish because I always come up with a better or more enjoyable way of doing things and reroll the entire party. I know I can swap in members and create companions etc. It's just the way I am, everything has to be perfect in my mind. What really troubles me is creating a lead character for dialog options and the severe limitations it imposes. Dialog largly comes down to resolve and intelligence with perception being a flavor stat in order of importance. These stats pigeon hole your character choices to a few specific lead classes. Sure, I could create a rogue with 16 per, int, res but the character would be flawed and I cannot bring myself to play a flawed character. If I rolled this rogue I know inside I would not be experiencing the full potential of the class which turns me off. Paladins and Chanters make the best lead dialog characters. There are other builds that allow for maximum dialog choices but, again, the characters are flawed and I wouldn't enjoy playing one. There has to be a more creative way of doing this. A way that separates combat effectiveness from personality. I have struggled with this in other games as well.. always trying to pigeon hole a lead character for dialog without making him a less effective version of the class. I would completely separate personality from class. How would I do it? Well, I'm not a professional so I haven't brainstormed properly but the previous sentence is a good start. Is anyone else as neurotic as I am or am I a total outlier? Systematically it shouldn't be difficult to accomplish, it could even be dynamic but I might be getting ahead of myself on that.
  9. Ranger is actually both tank and single target dps (when build and used properly with pet) which fills a very unique roll. My boar has only needed a deflection buff a few times and Im L11 playing a potd run right now. Give him Borresaine early and the proper buffs and you have a single target controlling/dps machine. He's just a bit boring, he coul duse some inherent (not talents) things to do that integrate tactically to different situations. I would suggest 2 tanks (the right pet works here), 1 off tank/dps, 1 rogue, 1 wiz/dru, 1 cleric
  10. Try this guide out. You don't always have to min max to the extreme of some of these builds but the ideas are solid. Enjoy Character creation and development guide. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=416939844
  11. There are 3 answers to this question 1. Why on earth would you build a paladin with low resolve? He is front line, he is melee, he is your tank. You will just be wasting ability points on other attributes that will not enhance the paladins strengths. You will build a weak paladin (especially on POTD) 2. A dps fighter will wipe the floor with a paladin, they can dump int and they have access to abilities to choose from at level up greatly increase dps. Alll melee classes will out dps a paladin. If you wanted a dps tank build a fighter 3. So the paladins strengths are tanking and buffs, you should build to enhance these qualities. Faith and conviction defeats the need for max resolve allowing dps stats. Unless you're building a pure tank there is no need. Sworn enemy (20% damage and 15 acc) negates the advantage of specialization and mastery. Sure it's only 3 uses and single target but that's enough for the important fights each rest. Critical focus and confident aim probably cancel each other out. Zealous auras add something as well. Throw in the other abilities and it's just flavor. For me, exhortations and lay on hands are very specific tactical skills which add a lot of utility to the Paladin. Fighter skills just arent as interesting to me.
  12. You're exactly right. Faith and Conviction saves the day. Having another Pally with reinforcing exhortation makes it even better. You don't even need might because 2 handers and offensive talents will do plenty of damage against high DR. My dps off tank pally uses these stats: Moon Godlike - Blade of Endless paths or Tidefall + Firebrand gloves, (currently using superb unique light armor) M - 10 C - 10 D - 18 P - 15 (you could 18 this with interrupting blows) I - 15 R - 10 Offensive Talents: Weapon focus Two handed style Apprentice sneak attacks Sworn enemy Savage attacks
  13. The engagement system is broken. In reality it doesn't do much at all. It does create awkward senseless situations that gives the game an unrefined feel. 1. The way it steers a character into another feels awful when playing. If you have a gap in your line and the enemy is trying to run through it can't because it gets steered into engagement. Hinders the enemy AI in this case and makes the game easier. Happens even if your back is facing the gap which is totally silly. 2. The way your character, after getting a command to attack, sometimes will not enegage an enemy that has reach attack range unless you expend an ability to close the gap is awful. This even happens if the enemy has its back turned to you which is again, totally silly. The system needs a complete revamp. It should only work in a 120 to 180 degree cone in front of a character. Remove the defender skill, the maximum number of engaged enemies should be 3 to better fit the frontal cone egagement system (engaging something behind you is dumb). A character should be able to maneuver within engagement as long as he doesn't disengage without taking extra attacks. Fix the issue with the AI not closing the gap to attack an enemy with a reach weapon after getting a manual attack command. Maybe make disengagement attacks hurt more if it doesn't harm the enemy AI too much. I think weapon ranges (melee ranges) could be tweaked so combat isn't so cluttered but this could conflict with some of existing cramped environments, perhaps for the future.
  14. I play on potd. I have the game switch to slow. I only auto-pause on combat start, target destroyed, hidden object found. I find the AI settings largely useless so I still pause often to issue orders. Overall the combat, while enjoyable, still feels spammy like the pacing is off in some strange way. I think I would prefer less encounters overall but longer more complex individual encounters.
  15. I don't like dumping con to 3 generally and certainly wouldn't do it on potd. You can probably get away with it but it's really not needed. I build my potd wizards (and priests) like this: Wiz (arbalest and summoned pike) M - 15 C - 10 D - 15 P - 15 I - 18 R - 5 (2 or 3 this if you wish, I think 5 looks better) My current potd run I use 2 Paladins and it's working great. One as party leader and another as tanky-dps/support. Zealous focus and zealous endurance. Reinforcing exhortation when needed which isn't often. No need for defensive talents except maybe beefing up saving throws later in the game, though im not convinced it makes much of a difference on potd unless you spent two talents on a single defense type. Remember that you can't cast exhortations on self, which is senseless imo. It fits a selfless theme but makes no logical sense to me and limits the class. Draining 2 handers are nice as well. Moon godlike + draining 2 hander + faith and conviction is very survivable (if your worried) and good dps with offensive talents.
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