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  1. So you haven't had instances where your druid runs in to cast a spell that requires them to be close to the other party members or to the enemies and then the enemies are just turning to hit them, really really hard? The heal spells not actually restoring health doesn't irk you at all? It does me. Having to spam those heal spells keeps me from using the other cool spells. You aren't having instances where you run your fighter into a pack with others back in the previous room and the mulitple enemy Priest casters decide to obliterate them with a spell that nearly one-shots them from wa
  2. Which brings me to another point: why is that Druid regeneration AE so small? Why can't it be party-wide? That really is a ridiculously small AE effect on that spell. It's such a weak effect all things considered, that making it party-wide would be so much better, since the heal is so minimal and so slow. I enjoy the difficulty of the game. My characters are level 4 and 5 right now and I am having fun. I just think some things need to be tweaked.
  3. Doing something that many people dislike for nostalgia sake doesn't necessarily make something good game design. I wouldn't mind having to rest if I could regain my spell slot usages without having to rest to do it. I dislike that. A mana bar would be so much better. There are two health bars, but no mana bar? it's just backwards and has been abandoned by every single RPG maker in modern times. I just want fights to last longer without my wizard/priest/monk dying in two hits every single time. Everyone and i mean everyone, friend and foe alike, doing less damage across the board would
  4. First, let me say how much I love this game. 9/10. If the few issues I have with it are mended, 10/10, and I will buy it for some friends. Total nostalgia and hommage to Baldur's Gate/Planescape series and the other strategy RPG's i grew up with and played relentlessly when I was a wee lad. However, one thing that i enjoyed more about those games that I am not enjoying so much in PoE is how you basically have two health bars. The endurance versus health is totally unecessary and adds a level of tedium for me that breaks the fun of the game. Having to camp way too much. Having to rest way
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