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  1. Similar issue here, I get a 2s freeze everytime I click on something in the character creation menu (you can imagine how annoying it gets when you are settings you characters stats or browsing portraits). I hadn't played the game for a month or so and everything seemed normal back then. My game is maintained up to date via GOG Galaxy and my system specs are: - 12GB Ram - i7-3770K CPU - R9 390 GPU - Windows 10 Oddly enough I don't get any issue of that sort when I try to change a character portait in game. Edit: after a new verification of the game cache integrity and a couple of system reboots everything seems to be back in order, I don't know what caused the issue in the first place. I also disabled the cloud saves feature, I have no idea if it is related or not.
  2. And yet I remember IWD taking flak from the critics when it came out because BG's combat system was ill suited (according to them) for a game focusing so much on fighting.
  3. BG1 & 2 are among my favorite crpgs ever, and yet I can't help smiling when people praise their combat system (especially when comparing to more modern games). BG2 improved BG1 combat mechanics just slightly, but honestly it was still blatantly unbalanced and the fights really messy. PoE share some of these flaws, the balance isn't perfect, fights are still a bit confusing sometimes but if you have to point out these shortcomings you just can't mention BG1 or 2 as a reference because, clearly, they were no better at it.
  4. The review was brought back here just for the OP to tell everyone "See, see I told you, I was right and I found one review that says so". On the review itself, while it raises some valid points they are all presented in such exaggerated and completely biased way that it looks like one of these terrible movie critics: the actual point isn't to discuss the movie/game but an attempt from the author to look smart and build up his reputation. Many of the all time classics share the exact same flaws, which are for many of them a trademark of the crpg genre, but oddly enough in the case of PoE they become unforgivable failures... The entire review isn't about the game but about someone who's trying to show everyone how smarter than the masses he is (and drain some clicks on the codex banner...). I've read several reviews raising the same points as this one, except they didn't conclude that the game was trash material. Yes the game has flaws, but that doesn't make it a terrible nor mediocre one.
  5. see, is these kinda blanket generalizations that make folks look silly. HA! Good Fun! Well that's even better, if you summarize people's opinion here you get: - BG1 was crap but better than BG2 - BG2 was crap but better than BG1 - PoE is crap because it's too similar to BG1, which is superior to BG2 but still crap nonetheless even if BG2 was the best IE game. Now I'm waiting for: IWD 1/2 was crap, PT was crap and Fallout 1/2 was crap. And back to RPG Codex review: it is the perfect mix of "my personal tastes are universal truth" and "I can turn every single detail into a critical game breaking flaw".
  6. BG1 is not an Obsidian game. It was made by BioWare. I'm positive that the reviewer likes BG1 more than DS3. I know that BG1 is not an Obsidian game, this is not the point here. If even BG1 is mediocre then how many crpgs are worth playing?
  7. So BG1 is a blatantly mediocre game and Dungeon Siege 3 was better. Given the author's tastes in video games I'm glad he didn't like PoE.
  8. No "censorship", but keeping that dead horse in a single thread where people can keep repeating the same arguments over and over and remove all the other posts related to that topic that pollute the rest of the forum would be nice.
  9. I'm glad twitter didn't exist when Fallout 2 came out. I can't imagine the mess it would have been.
  10. I am having the same issue, I do't remember what fight triggered it but it won't go away, and like the OP said it doesn't seem to have any effect. Apparently it's just an icon that won't disappear.
  11. I think you nailed it. The same reason why they can't rewrite all dialogs for low int characters.
  12. Well I think it is time to get to the point angry people, you have to forgive me but I still don't get what are the expectations here. So what's the next step? Make a list of Obsidians developpers and speculate on their political opinions? Pitchforks, torches and stuff?
  13. Well to make a RP build you could go, like suggested, with a fighter or a rogue, then you choose The White that Wends as your culture and hunter as your background. She will start with a hide armor, just buy a bow from Heodan at the begining and voila.
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