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  1. Really regret getting the GOG version, should have gone with Steam.
  2. Didn't play Fallout 3 because I hate Bethesda. Is it worth playing before New Vegas comes out?
  3. I love when they do game remakes/updates/sequels and the developer clearly has no clue why people liked the game in the first place.
  4. Ugh this sounds SO terrible. You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to post about how bad it sounds over and over again for the next 8 months. Then I'm gonna buy it. Then I'm gonna come back and complain about how terrible it REALLY was. Then I'm gonna wait patiently and talk about how terrible the sequel will be until that comes out and I can buy it.
  5. And it was cracked pretty much immediately for unlimited installs for nonpaying customers to play to their hearts content.
  6. They are basically holding the bonuses (which should have been paid ALREADY) over the heads of the people still at IW, and STILL can't retain them. Its pretty disgusting behavior.
  7. I said no such thing as truth, I said that as a possibility that you immediately latched onto as me saying it was gods honest truth. You clearly re-iterated many times you thought Activision were in the right here and that the founders of IW needed to be "taken down a notch". I think its pretty clear the only people who think Activision were in the right here are the executives that have managed to bleed talent from their most successful developer.
  8. 10% was a number he randomly picked. The point still remains. They shipped MW2, they get the money. Don't be stupid.
  9. The PS3 is cracked and so are all the PSPs though the 3000 series (I don't know about the Go but I suspect that would be as well). The PS3 is cracked in the sense there has been an exploit found. He most likely meant cracked as in, able to play pirated games. I wouldn't consider the PS3 cracked even with an exploit found. We'll see if it really amounts to anything. Update: turns out someone said it better before me: Exactly. Access to the PS3 and an actual working end-user crack are two REALLY different things. Could be years before an end-user crack is in place.
  10. Weakest part of the Dalish stuff to me was how they were treated. Early in the game, at least in the city elf origin, they are treated as borderline mythical creatures. No one is completely sure where they are, if they exist, blah blah blah. By the end of the game its like the Dalish are the local mailman. Easily the weakest of the ally parts of the game. And none of the
  11. Some interesting ideas you have. I like the new class ideas alot. Although I'm not completely sure I wouldn't prefer a completely new story set in the world of Thedas. I for one think the world they created is pretty interesting.
  12. On Normal that won't even bring a Rev's life down to 3/4s so... yeah.
  13. Its funny gaming is such a huge industry yet for so long its been allowed to be run into the ground by terrible businessmen. This situation is being characterized as "Oh gaming may have to grow up! The honeymoon is over!" When it is actually a case of completely inefficient practices and a lack of proper business management. The men running the gaming industry don't understand gaming, and it shows. One of the huge issues from my perspective is how many of the gaming industry CEOs are completely clueless about the nature of the business and culture their business is par of. They were at
  14. One thing I like about DA is alot of the encounters make sense. If you are going to kill a random merchant, he doesn't suddenly gain the ability to summon frost demons just to make the encounter challenging. You plunge your knife into him a few times as he takes a few pathetic swings and its over. No mercenary legions pouring out of a back room to defend a broke merchant. But then at certain points it abandons that completely in the name of making battles challenging. Why are a room full of mercenaries sitting around indefinitely at the perfect position to defend a dining hall while mages
  15. Yes mages own the game on both sides. Any battle with enemy mages where you don't have one of your own is extremely extremely difficult. Having a PC thats a mage drops the difficulty down a level. That and most of the specializations are useless. With better class balance would have been one of the true greats IMO.
  16. Probably won't know what actually happened for another 5 years, but whatever. Still really anticipating it.
  17. This. Also in my case there is the fact that this delay coincides with the supposed leaked Sega meeting documents which refer to Alpha Protocol as feeling "barely RPG" and that "Mass Effect felt more RPG". Both statement that sounds like they were made by a 45-year old housewife assigned to evaluate an RPG for the second time. Not that there is anything wrong with being a 45-year old housewife. It's just that it sounds like someone who doesn't get the genre was made to evaluate the genre and may have caused a delay. All speculation of course.
  18. I'd be interested to know if they did the cheap method of basically making the existing romances go both ways with a few dialogue changes in appropriate places. Or if they went all out for the gay mob over there and have completely different gay romancable characters.
  19. I personally think only controlling your character is better for role playing. I like having autonomous characters that I don't control their every move and simply control mine and hope they do their job.
  20. I liked it until the ****ty Manson song came in. Then I laughed out loud. Come on, hard rock for fantasy RPG?
  21. There are many 16:9 monitors. I'm using one right now. People still use 4:3?
  22. I loved ASOIAF. A Feast for Crows wasn't as great as previos novels, but as a series I find it one of the best fantasy series I've ever ready.
  23. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Night_vi...xperimental.jpg http://www.af.mil/news/story.asp?storyID=123010365 Did I just blow your mind? Yes, you did. Holy carp. This was an amazing moment of "pwnage".
  24. Man the game is really looking good and I'm loving what I'm hearing. I cannot wait for his game. My only gripe right now is "Virus" and "Passphrase". Such descriptive choices
  25. A fall release? Seriously? The game industry has a complete inability to learn lessons. Even big-time games get lost in that fall relese shuffle. By the way I don't think Dragon Age is not coming out in October. I'd bet on late November for DA. My guess is the console versions will not be finished in October and they want to do a simultaneous release.
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