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  1. Kasabian - Underdog if anyone is interested
  2. I DVR'd Star Trek Voyager and while I was passing some commercials I noticed one was of alpha protocol. Anyway, I'm wondering what is the name of the song used in that commercial. I know it was also used in some of the commercials for the Repomen movie. Thx in advance! ps playing the game and it is epic
  3. Meh the fact that they will remove the DRM over in 2011/2012 is fine with me. So long as a company uses copy protection that is dissimilar to Ubisoft's persistent online model, and is a great game to boot its fine with me. Sega/Obsidian you just made yourselves a sale! Some1 get the Stonecutter's Stone of Triumph! Also I got to state the following since some1 brought this up... Not all PC gamers who strongly dislike copy protection are pirates. Some of us are avid supporters of this platform and would gladly buy its products (otherwise Steam would not have 25 million users). I support
  4. Cool. Yeah I'll agree with you. Steam is essential an online activation service but I just like the fact that its doesn't limited how many times you can activate your product. I must have downloaded HL2 at least 15 times. I always tell ppl, its the "lesser of evils." I must disagree with you Tigranes, Steam does not take as long as your stating... currently it takes maybe 2 or 3 seconds to login in "offline mode" and shuts off just as fast (takes maybe 7 seconds in online mode). Also the fact you can play your SP games offline is a far cry from Ubisoft's persistent online model
  5. ... See, this is why I have trouble taking Steam fans seriously. What, exactly do you think Steam is other than online activation? You still get exactly as many activations as a 3rd party allows you too just in this case it's Sega and Valve rather than Sega and Uniloc (don't believe me? actually read the SSA then). And it's a persistent monitoring system rather than a one off. You're free to pay extra just to buy it off Steam, of course, or in any other way you want, but you need to look at your justification for doing so because frankly it's rubbish. Plus, as I pointed out, the r
  6. This is exactly how I feel. I can deal with DRM up to a certain point... once it goes the way of Splinter Cell Conviction, Assassin's Creed 2, Bioshock 2 and Command and Conquer 4. I just pretty much skip those titles, don't play them, don't touch them at all (pretty much pretend they don't exist). And yes traditionally if a company does not remove its installation limits like say 2k eventually did with Bioshock 1, then some1 will come along and crack it (lets be reasonable those cracks are usually out be4 the game is .....) DRM issue wont go away anytime soon... but I am really hoping
  7. Yeah, I can't stand that form of DDRM. In fact, I don't buy any games that have online/server-based DRM, even if it is less draconian than Ubisoft's. I don't like the possibility that one day the authentication servers will go down (company no longer finds it economical to run them, company goes bankrupt, company wants you to move to a new version of the game) and the game will cease to function, so I vote with my wallet. Agreed, some publishers have not given a straight answer to "What will happen if the servers go offline permanently or if the company is no longer around?" I no lo
  8. Well, if you put it that way... But it's just because things are getting worse and worse as time passes. I would say that, the only good thing, is that THERE IS piracy on PCs. Imagine DRM on consoles. Oh well, I play on 360 anyway so it doesn't really affect me... but it worries me. A lot. No worries and yes I agree there is piracy on PC, never said there wasn't, but I also believe that when publishers include a butt-load of excessive DRM on PC games it turns off a lot potential buyers... and well more or less encourages piracy... which then forces companies to include more DRM....
  9. Easy there, I'm just saying that there could be worse forms of DRM implementation for the game, say Ubisoft's current "persistent online" model. If they were to have some type of "Impulse DRM" that would be fine with that as well, since impulse includes an "offline" mode like steam. I'm not saying every game should come with it, but I would prefer SW/Impulse to other forms of DRM/copy protection software (Ubisoft/Bioshock 2's GFWL/Securom/C&C4 etc). Look as long as publishers continue to believe that copy protection software curbs piracy *coughBScough* they will include some type of
  10. Thats what I figured I know its usually up to the publishers. Hopefully, their will be info on it soon. Edit: AVP and NTW both use Steamworks If AP uses SW as well, Sega/Obsidian have themselves a guaranteed sale/preorder.
  11. What kind of copy protection will Alpha Protocol come with? Edit: Assuming its not too soon ask this question.
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