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  1. Exactly what the topic says, if you pre-ordered on Steam , you can pre-load the game and play when someone at Valve feels like it it releases if you're like a coke head on laundry day like I am when a game release comes around. So why are you reading this? *straps all subsequent posters to an uncomfortable wooden chair and shines the bright light on them* Why?
  2. I think it's proper etiquette to wear full combat armor to a dress party where you intend to kill the host. It's only fair that you make your intentions clear. Not very typical spy but whatever gets the job done.
  3. Less mesh, more like SHANK it seems. And by that I mean I think the professional characters maintain very impersonal and on a strictly need-to-communicate basis with the loons.
  4. I'm going to go out on a limb and say the "Kill Everyone" ending is a nuclear holocaust, possibly resulting from a combination of letting too many major criminals/terrorist walk free, and/or deliberately playing the middle and setting up world powers to be at each others' throats by the end. I can dream can't I? I will make Fallout a REALITY!
  5. I interpret we should keep surveillance of French gaming sites/blogs for "leaked" AP video. Just a thought, but maybe not so obvious as a site. Maybe a French youtube user.
  6. http://www.cinemablend.com/games/Alpha-Pro...rrow-22511.html I found this past midnight so that makes it today. So that means everyone should have their minds WIRED to their computer boxes so they can insure we all know the exact second it's up. Failure will result in your game being locked in an alternate backstory mode where Michael Thornton is a utter pacifist and "nice guy" disallowing you from using any violent actions or aggressive dialogue choices.
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