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  1. No arguments there - With my "inverse T shaped" formation (Tank in front, healer behind - Everyone else in the back in a row) I constantly have to force stop my party because the formation calculations go completely out of whack. More often than not the Tank is in the back - And this is with constant Right click positioning.
  2. Make that all companions (NPC ones included) and I'm all aboard. As long as I'll have to get a hold of a ___keeper tool to make cosmetic changes to my NPC companions, I'd see no point in doing it half-assed with just PC companions.
  3. The atmosphere of that entire area is great. The visuals - the music.
  4. Hah! I wrote off that series after the 2nd game. There was nothing left of the cRPG style that Bioware was* known for.
  5. I just want them out of my game personally - I don't want to risk triggering a flashback sequence every time I talk to an NPC if I'm not constantly holding down TAB to see who is a "real" NPC and who isn't. But I'm sure we'll see a mod that removes them completely (or at the least replaces them with villagers with default names) eventually.
  6. Hear me out - Like many others I absolutely love that the minimap isn't so dark and impossible to navigate anymore. But the actual viewport still is as far as my monitor is concerned - I can't even consistently spot doors in the towns, because everything is a big, dark mush. I think the complete FoW removal from maps is overkill - It should be there but much fainter than it used to be. And the "ingame" viewport FoW needs a tweak down as well.
  7. Pray to your dieties! http://i.huffpost.com/gen/2384998/original.jpg
  8. Helmets without any enchantments are purely cosmetic - Just like capes. It's weird that you can't enchant ordinary ones like you can with other item types though...
  9. Come one, come all. Please report your game versions (Especially Steam users) so I can get to the bottom of this.
  10. I found it to be absolutely horrid. 3D portraits have no place in a game like Pillars of Eternity (Or Dragon Age: Origins at that) As pointed out there is a metric ton of custom portraits available on the internet - Not for the three "original" races of course, but you can get lucky at times and find one that fits - or adjust it yourself to match. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7411861/Andet/PoE_portraits_05_04.rar Here's my personal collection of (processed) portraits for the game. Just the ones I've given some personal attention in photoshop to match the dimensions and theme of the game.
  11. Is .0508 the latest version available or is Steam up to its usual hijinx? Been trying to get IEMod to work with my copy of the game and have failed every since the double patch the other day. GUI strings are missing in the options menu and the game CTDs on Game start or load. Edit: The BuildID on my end is 577767 (Would love to hear some feedback from > STEAM < users in particular. Edit 2: Very, very weird. All of a sudden my version is back to .0526.
  12. No? 3D has no place in a cRPG of this style. NWN was a different kind of game (and it had its benefits - like the modular terrain and easy server generation)
  13. I could have agreed with this sentiment if the secrets in the game at least tried to stick with a certain formula of logic. As it stands now most of the secrets are arbitrarily placed in hallways or in randomly placed cupboards. You'd expect to find a secret in a vault room, a puzzle or as a secret compartment in a suspiciously looking wall.
  14. They tried to fix one or more of these issues with a 2nd patch a few hours later though.
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