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  1. Thanks for an amazing game. Just finished yesterday... just what i wanted from the game. Thanks SO much. So, what are the plans for another game , now that you have the engine down ( PS. amazing work with the engine.... )
  2. i have all the items and there is no dialog option ! help
  3. long time hehe thx i made it fi figured out myself :D i did miss the husbend and wife Quest
  4. do i have to get to the "secret" areas in the docs ?
  5. i cant say where ! i have been in all areas and have talked to everyone but cant find a way to get on with the game !
  6. thx but listen to me i cant get on i just need a hint or 2 im stuck !
  7. hey people i need help... i just basacally need to know that i NEED to do in order to be finished with nar shadaa Thx :D
  8. im getting kinda pissed.... i have played that planet for over 10 hours now
  9. thats the broblem what is the main things i have to do to finish the plannet ?
  10. sorry and where do i find the yart ?
  11. hmm i need help here guys i cant find goto and his yart what can i be missing plz help me
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