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  1. Soz! D'you know I even looked four pages to see if anyone had posted one! I can see it now. :/
  2. Thanks. So DR 10 with Bash 4 would mean if I used a bash weapon the DR would be 4 instead of 10?
  3. Hi The Ivory Spinner has a DR = 7, with Slash = 14, Crush = 4. Does that mean i should try not to use weapons with Crush and defo not Slash then? or use them, preferably using Slash? Thanks
  4. Last bunch of questions Are people still using two 1h spears? Or is there a better Rogue weapon? What about ranged? Finaly what is good armour for the Rogue?
  5. So lurk around the mob. Wait until there is a debuff and then strike until mob is down. Move onto next debuffed target. next question... How would you start to debuff the mobs. What companions make good debuffers? Thanks again. Soz for being such a noob! edit(after reading post above) So it is cool to range attack with say a bow then? You still get the sneak bonus if the mob is debuffed?
  6. ... what would be a nice set of companions to complement him? I chose a Rogue but it doesn't feel right. I am well aware I am not playing it properly. I don't seem to be able to hide, sneak attack, hide (lose agro), sneak attack, hide (lose agro) etc. What's the best way to make my dude feel epic? 17, 10, 17, 11, 14, 11 2 x weapon style Reckless assault Blinding strike Crippling stryle Sneak attack Or start again? Thanks!
  7. I agree with the OP. I too find it frustrating and can break immersion. On some maps it became a joke. The Earl dude near the start. 5 second loading times going from room to room is a bit of a hassle especially on maps where you walk in and out of buildings; it is quite embarassing. 5 second load, 5 second to run party to door, 5 second load, 5 second to run party to door leading to outside courtyard, 5 second loading, 10 seconds to walk up a level to next door. Loading screen to the count's room etc. Why are there loading screens in this game? edit: I only have a HDD. I
  8. I have been using 2 x spears. This was advice from some dude who seemed to know what he was talking about on YouTube. I am also struggling with this. Can you use blinding attack with ranged weapons? I might revert to a range rogue if so
  9. Managed it. I had to move my party to the doorway. Worked a charm though. It did feel gamey though. There is no way I would have won in the open. I guess this is OK drawing out the opo to where I want them to be... Thanks!
  10. Thanks I will defo give those tips a go I am specifically struggling with the dude in the keep who owns the town (trying not to give starters but its near the beginning). He has lots of champion characters... My party of 5 are level lvl 4. Is that good enough? Thanks
  11. Hi I am seeing lots of beginner tips but I am struggling with the more advanced stuff. I listen to people on YouTube call it positioning etc but they tend to play on the noob maps and so it isn't possible to show the more advanced stuff involving handling combat against a number of mobs. Any advice? Thanks!
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