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  1. I did not use aloth much, but I did do his quest. I told him to chill out and accept hearing his personal business in public at the sanitarium. what do I have to do to have the ending where he does not join leaden key?
  2. I got this spellbinding combusting wounds ring. it does not show up in abiltiies like the ring for arcane dampener does. it does not show up when equipped in PC's character sheet like other spellbind items. only me? or does combusting flames just happen automatically?
  3. lets see. 1) Rinatto is inside the bar, even though I used deception to run him out of town. 2) while walking, not in battle, my party went into combat and instantly killed a noble by the celestial hotel. no one seemed to notice. then my group tried to attack the head monk but I stopped them. I saved game and restarted. no random murder yet. 3) not a bug, but Serel fought off bad guys, he barely lived, and then he says the same thing he said before the end of act 2? seemed not-immersive. surely the fact that he lived through a mob, fought that mob off, and saw me help him would mer
  4. Aedrin's Wrecker is in endless paths level 10. needs high mechanics. look around!
  5. So I saw a pair of boots with consecrated ground. any class can wear them. But when I equipped them, the spell did not show up in the characters hud. for example, when I have added other spellbind items, they show up by the talents. is this bugged?
  6. Maybe a better player than I could make a good melee rogue, but it is hard to do so if you want to use an attack to sneak up on them. they instantly go for you. one thing to do would be to have your other characters melee first, then engage after they attack. the goal with a rogue is to always attack "when the target is Blinded, Flanked, Hobbled, Paralyzed, Petrified, Prone, Stuck, Stunned or Weakened, as well as when any target is struck within two seconds of combat starting." if you melee, you can also use the invisible thing twice per encounter. that should help a melee rog
  7. It all depends. The one thing with rogues is you want to max criticials, and you want to do a lot of damage with that critical. given that rogues do lots of crit, borresaine converting crits to stuns is really good. I would pick borresaine for RR. but I personally like the arbalest I found on level 11 or 12 of endless od nua
  8. I am not sure why, but it took 11 for me. I had 10, did not see it, rested to get plus 1 bonus, got it.
  9. So if anyone knows a place online or in their own experience I would love to know where all the food/item vendors are. I have found mr. gemstone who sells diamonds in and the ingredient vendor in your stronghold. But I really want some cocoa! (and knowing where other stuff is would be nice. anyone find cocoa? or can list food vendors?
  10. My take: 1) Ayn was very clever. she thought a lot. She explored new ideas. I like that in a person. I think she and I would have fun sparring intellectually. she is not a moron. 2) However, she was a "sophmore". Which means literally wise-fool. She was one of those people who think big, have great ideas. But she never moved on to the next level. what is that level? In getting a master's I learned the importance of curiosity and humility. There are far more brilliants minds than me, and though I have to decide for myself, I do not fall into the folly of dismissing other people's
  11. So Hervy the druid is wearing armor that has DR of 10. and it has an added 3 reduction to pierce. but when he got hit by a pierce from a beetle, it said the DR he had was only 8. a) is the number just wrong data? or b) is some other factor lowering his DR? he had no negative effects on him. just confused.
  12. so I bought a cloak for fighters only that ups their constant recovery. called the cloak of tireless something,. but I don't see it added to the active effects on his character sheet. is it active but not showing up? or not working? is this a known bug?
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