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Ring of Combusting Flames (does it work?)



I got this spellbinding combusting wounds ring.


it does not show up in abiltiies like the ring for arcane dampener does. 


it does not show up when equipped in PC's character sheet like other spellbind items.


only me? 


or does combusting flames just happen automatically?

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Yep, it works.


If you click on the character portrait of whomever you gave it to, you should see the Combusting Wounds spell icon on the right. Click on that to cast it like a spell during combat.

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Recently I've tested CW and can confirm, that in 3.02  proc dmg on hit  for Combusting Wounds DOESN'T  WORK  at all. No matter  whether  source's standard hit, DoT effect or Periodical "Pulsing" effect ( like wall of flame).


Step to reproduce: start fight with citizens/spawn a create  via console etc.; cast CW and  hit,no  dmg effect appear

save file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_r2YWU4IFaFODNtcmJRR3pHNnc


Hope it's going to  be fix it, it's an important affliction.

Question for devs : could someone   confirm,  how CW is supposed to work, I mean  in  some version CW's  dmg procced from standard hit + DoT effect (i.e wounding shots, wounding weapons like Tidefall)  + Pulsing  things ( chill fog, wall of flame, effects similliar for DoT, but dmg is substracted every time with DR), in other only from standard hit + Pulsing,  and with last update it's not even working with standart hit. So it's a lot of confusion here.


Pls make a respond


thanks in advance

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