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Aloth ending..wondering what to do different next time (spoilers)

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When I finished the game without him in my party, he took up the mantle of Thaos.


When I played through the game with him in my party, he confessed to me that he was a member of the Leaden Key, after that I think was a few more conversations and at the end of the game he took it upon himself to dismantle the remnants of the Leaden key organization.


I don't know much beyond that.

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Is there a specific point when this dialogue triggers? Currently don't have Aloth in my party due to my PC also being a wizard.

He has at least a few points where he suddenly starts spouting stuff to you, with a dialogue choice option to pick. iirc, where he reveals he's Leaden Key/he asks if he can stay with you (right after Defiance Bay/Act2 ends), before or after you enter the Twin Elms "god prayer" room (sorry, can't remember specifically), and the end game (just before you enter the big bads chamber and maybe some of what comes after).


The end-game may be the most important one to the ending slide however (eg, have to take him into the "point of no return") - for any companion you have with you at the time, really, not just Aloth.


...basically, imo, if you want to be able to affect the ending slide of a companion, it's best if they're with you almost the entire time. Their single quest choices creates one ending, but that isn't the end of the potential.

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