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Minimap FoW fix overkill - Actual FoW is underkill.

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Hear me out - Like many others I absolutely love that the minimap isn't so dark and impossible to navigate anymore. But the actual viewport still is as far as my monitor is concerned - I can't even consistently spot doors in the towns, because everything is a big, dark mush.


I think the complete FoW removal from maps is overkill - It should be there but much fainter than it used to be. And the "ingame" viewport FoW needs a tweak down as well.

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lifting the fog of war wasn't a bad idea, but I wish it was like exploring the wilds, you uncover the areas you have explored. the problem is, without map notes, it's easy to forget where you been, or where that NPC is. map notes needs to be added, as its a bit of a pain remember which place you been in.

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