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  1. this has already been reported and logged, the best way is to move injured crew members abound, then they will start healing, but docking at any port will reset the the count (at the top of the global map screen) back to zero. Hopefully this will get fixed in the next update.
  2. Interesting, its decided to work after I reloaded a save and moved people around. seems they are now healing normally
  3. I have this exact same issue, I got an invite to see her, but she not ther, or anyone to lead me to her. I already wiped out the slavers, not sure if I should have done fort deadlght first? I can provide a save if needed. but looks like I'm stuck a bit. Edit, my saves if they help www.matthewfarmery.net/POEDF/PillarsofEternityII.rar I guess I might have done things in the wrong order then? but still, I did get an invite which means she should still be available to meet, but she not there. Edit 2 using steam version 1.2 Edit 2 I tried an earlier save, before I wiped out the slavers, did the fort quests, (no bloodshed) got the invite, but when I go back to the fort, no first mate to take me to the captain. Seems this is well and truly bugged for me. Edit 3 I can also confirm like EmileDragonsbane mentioned in his post, getting a second letter from the captain, does fix the issue, and her first mate will lead you to her. I was able to trigger this using my later saves, before I wiped out the slavers. But still, getting the first letter is bugged, and hopefully will be fixed. But waiting a few days on another island does also fix the issue.
  4. I am also seeing the same thing, letting the crew members work doesn't fix it for me, their injuries seem to increase if I do that, then if I put them in the healing slots, they go back to their original injuries levels, and won't drop any farther down. So I'm stuck with 3 crew which I can't use. I hope this bug gets fixed soon. Edit, using the latest steam version.
  5. for me, auto save is broken, adventures not completing when loading auto save, and some other issues. personally, I find auto saves to be a waste of time. I also would like to see an option to disable this.
  6. or it could be classed as a major bug if you just like to hear the voices 24/7 regardless!
  7. I noticed this a few times, more often then not, it happens when loading the auto save, quick save and manual save seems to be fine. but I've noticed that auto save does get bugged a few times.
  8. I think the strategy guide to be totally not worth it. its out of date for a far margin. I hope it will get updated at some point, but that going to be wishful thinking. there are better info out on the web then what is in the guide.
  9. lifting the fog of war wasn't a bad idea, but I wish it was like exploring the wilds, you uncover the areas you have explored. the problem is, without map notes, it's easy to forget where you been, or where that NPC is. map notes needs to be added, as its a bit of a pain remember which place you been in.
  10. the issue is with unity, and how it has compressed files, but it seems that for gog, their patches are a lot smaller, there is a way to reduce the size of the updates, (maybe this is what gog has chosen?) but there are sometimes downsides to this, like even longer longer times. a few games that uses unity suffer from this problem.
  11. I would install steam outside of the program files directory, (if that is where steam is installed) if you have steam in the program files directory, windows sometimes have permission issues with stuff, especially games. try moving the steam folder to another directory, https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=7418-YUBN-8129 c:\steam see if that fixes the issue, but yeah, completely remove the pillars folder from within the common folder, then try again once the folder has been moved.
  12. it fixes the fog of war issue with doors, I've tested opening a few doors which I had issues with and can now close and open them OK/
  13. you should try and download the full file from gog again, this should include the 1.03 patch, otherwise, your best bet to to take this up with gog I think.
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