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  1. Not sure but am not talking about the main load to the Menu. And 15-20 seconds load between areas is ginormous. Also please stop mentioning SSD's. That does not really solve any of the two points from the OP. Also I finally got my flashbacks. We had to use a mod in PoE1 to disable the autosave. Cannot believe they still did not implement it in Deadfire.
  2. Hello guys, I kinda remember we could turn off Autosaves in PoE 1, and that helped with the loading times a bit. Is that still possible to make? As I cannot see any such options in the Settings. Other that, as in the title of the thread - I feel that the loading screens are way too often and wait too long, and this really breaks my immersion. Even very small part of a house, loads for quite a while. Maybe I remember wrong, but the Areas in PoE 1 were more big and open, so you really had more stuff to explore before having to load into anything. Thanks for any input
  3. I am having micro stutters all the time. Not when sit idle, but if I start to move, is almost all the time... quite frustrating.
  4. @Bounjamin you can advance through the central door (and the dungeon). The issue (which was not a bug) was only for the north-east room (see the picture)
  5. аз ваша, тя ваша... кой ще вари каша?

  6. Hi, He means this: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/75920-bugod-nualvl13-mechanism-for-opening-wall-is-not-clickable/
  7. Hello Since I am only having the GoG release, and don't have access to the Steam beta patch, can someone tell me if this from the patchnotes: means that they also included Disable Autosave options in the Settings? And If not, can you please add such option that will reduce every load time by seconds.
  8. Thanks for the answers. After finishing the game, and consulting with the Strategy guide it also seem to say the same when making the Choices with Maerwald. Closed as NAB. p.s. Also want to know what Items are in there
  9. My main char (which is Cipher) also has the same raw dmg on her Detonate
  10. hmm what are the patch notes for *530? Is the Steam version also updated to 530... a bit confused here. Not that it is that important, but i want to add a mod from Nexus which removes the autosave on loading. @treaves - it is there http://i.imgur.com/EiyrdgN.jpg
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