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  1. i would say after 100 hours of game play im more disappointed than offended.
  2. as above. i think its best when making/testing a game dont smoke too much marijuana, i can see this as the only excuse for missing hundreds of blatantly obvious floors and bugs. i had to alt f4 this messy game its more trouble than its worth although the music and atmosphere is spot on the bugs have soured my beyond redemption, ide take half my money back and run if the chance came now
  3. and i loaded a 600mb patch before i played, if there was a refund option i would have taken it on this game, potential is there just riddled, riddled with bugs.
  4. in normal mode kana runs x3 faster than any party member, in scout mode eder barely crawls, unplayable unless u want to sped 3 hours walking around defiance city from 1 shop to another.
  5. no just on normal mode, its happened to me 3 times now but the 3rd time was furthest in i got so it hurt alot more, tried re install etc nothings worked i cant waste anymore time playing a game when at any moment if i exit game and load up again it deletes my saves, the games completely riddled with bugs and i didnt bother me too much but this was the straw that broke the camels back
  6. got a notification that shades and forest elemental were attacking my keep, rather than manually deal with it i paid 100 cp to handle the situation, after doing this i check my strong hold page to find i had lost over 10k in upgrades, loaded up previous save lucky to avoid the situation.
  7. this guy has 8 posts and now he think hes mr big nuts, no one died and made me boss.. please go else where with your non productive keyboard warriors escapedes Your post was unnecessary, passive aggressive and childish.
  8. dont start flaming dude i just want the game playable dont we all, maybe it takes a week maybe it takes a fortnight long as they keep us upto date via forums / twitter ill be happy enough
  9. im hoping from a response on this, ive heard there are some patch notes are being made up and this is by far the biggest problem , saves being deleted for me and others have said there saves are still in the folder but unable to load them, is it worth my trying to start again and just copy/paste my save files into another folder for back up?
  10. mine completely deleted here always after or during daedrics hold when exit/restart game
  11. ive read about fixes on various threads, run as admin, turn off steam cloud etc nothing works everything seemed ok until i was in deadrics hold , exit game restart- saves deleted/gone. started again a second 10+ hours now deleted into the abyss, there's allot of bugs not many ppl suffering from this but its the worst out there, hoping for dev response here game uninstalled for now eagerly awaiting a patch or an explanation.
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