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  1. Not sure but am not talking about the main load to the Menu. And 15-20 seconds load between areas is ginormous. Also please stop mentioning SSD's. That does not really solve any of the two points from the OP. Also I finally got my flashbacks. We had to use a mod in PoE1 to disable the autosave. Cannot believe they still did not implement it in Deadfire.
  2. Hello guys, I kinda remember we could turn off Autosaves in PoE 1, and that helped with the loading times a bit. Is that still possible to make? As I cannot see any such options in the Settings. Other that, as in the title of the thread - I feel that the loading screens are way too often and wait too long, and this really breaks my immersion. Even very small part of a house, loads for quite a while. Maybe I remember wrong, but the Areas in PoE 1 were more big and open, so you really had more stuff to explore before having to load into anything. Thanks for any input
  3. I am having micro stutters all the time. Not when sit idle, but if I start to move, is almost all the time... quite frustrating.
  4. @Bounjamin you can advance through the central door (and the dungeon). The issue (which was not a bug) was only for the north-east room (see the picture)
  5. аз ваша, тя ваша... кой ще вари каша?

  6. Hi, He means this: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/75920-bugod-nualvl13-mechanism-for-opening-wall-is-not-clickable/
  7. Hello Since I am only having the GoG release, and don't have access to the Steam beta patch, can someone tell me if this from the patchnotes: means that they also included Disable Autosave options in the Settings? And If not, can you please add such option that will reduce every load time by seconds.
  8. Thanks for the answers. After finishing the game, and consulting with the Strategy guide it also seem to say the same when making the Choices with Maerwald. Closed as NAB. p.s. Also want to know what Items are in there
  9. My main char (which is Cipher) also has the same raw dmg on her Detonate
  10. hmm what are the patch notes for *530? Is the Steam version also updated to 530... a bit confused here. Not that it is that important, but i want to add a mod from Nexus which removes the autosave on loading. @treaves - it is there http://i.imgur.com/EiyrdgN.jpg
  11. Hello, Please take a look at this thread: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72439-must-read-how-to-report-an-issue/ Use a site like Dropbox the upload the needed files and update this thread, and hopefully the devs will take a look at them and solve your issue. Sorry for your troubles
  12. When observing the Character screens or selecting the active weapons from the quick slot during battle, it can be hard to notice which exactly is your currently active weapon. The issue is more apparent if you have two of the same weapons equipped, or two weapons that are really look alike. To resolve the issue a visual feedback can be added for the Quick slots, to be more easy to see which is your active weapon. For the the quick slot used in battles, it can be similar to the special abilities, with green color around the active weapon. For the character sheet it can be again a green circle around the weapon or number of active slot, or by making the active slot number concave. Attachments, uploaded here: http://i.imgur.com/WmmF9VU.jpg http://i.imgur.com/A6JKhIL.jpg
  13. Hello, What is the version of your game? (you can see it on your main screen in the corner) The issue should be fixed with patch 1.03. If not you can also try this workaround: We will need 7zip to open the savefiles. 1. Open 7zip and go to C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity in 7zip 2. Open your savefile inside 7zip, in my case 49c623f3-dc4c-4eb7-be78-4e5f14755a5c quicksave.savegame, and delete all the files with Raedric in its name. 3. Open Pillars of Eternity and enjoy. The only problem with this is that you lose all your progress with this zone, you will have all the fog of war....Maybe this is a exploit to discover the maps over and over again to get the exp? I didn't try this yet. Cheers this works great, also If you don't want to redo all the areas I think you only need to delete the area that you can't access: Int_02 - Top Floor with the clerics Int_01 - Main floor where Raedric Int_03 - Dungeon Ext - Outside Basically for you, you need to delete the files which make you region crash. Should be named like: *_Gilded_Vale.fog *_Gilded_Vale.lvl *Note that this will reset most of mobs and loot from crates in the zone, but everything else and the storyline should remain intact. Make a back up anyway!*
  14. Hello, For the first issue you are experiencing, it's solved in hotfix 1.03.0526 which is not yet live on GoG. For the second issue, center door is accessible but no Spoilers...
  15. What is your game version? (you can see it in the Main screen when you start the game, in the corner) For the second issue, can you post a screenshot of the wall and where is located? http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/75920-bugod-nualvl13-mechanism-for-opening-wall-is-not-clickable/
  16. The issue occurs in the Map screen. When the minimap is opened while your group is moving, and they have equipped weapons that have particles effects on them (fire, cold, corroded etc.), the particles effect will remain displayed on the minimap until closed/reopened. Steps: 1. Equip/Enchant weapon with bonus DMG to fire/cold/shock. etc so the weapons emit particle effects. 2. Go on any map/dungeon and make your group to move. 3. While the group is moving press "M" to open the minimap. 4. Notice that the particle effects from the weapons will remain displayed on the minimap. Note that the issue occurs from the other "world" particles (like fire and torches etc.) as well, but it is less noticeable as they are static. For more details, attachments uploaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vdpy9bjk4wjdn3p/PoE_v1.03.0524_%5BBUG%5D%5BMinimap%5D%20Particles%20from%20the%20Weapons%20remain%20on%20the%20map%20when%20it%27s%20opened.zip?dl=0 http://i.imgur.com/AnhgMVt.jpg
  17. I've forged the blade (well Dunstan did) with no issues in 1.02 version. Are you sure you are having all four parts?
  18. The issue occurs on level 13 of Od Nua dungeon. When you reach the the room with the Soul on the top right corner of the map, there should be a Platform in the middle of the room opening a Wall, but upon reaching the room, the Platform will be inactive and not clickable. Steps: 1. Reach lvl 13 Od Nua. 2. Take the right path until reaching the top most right room where the Soul which gives the riddle for opening the Center door is located. 3. Notice that the Mechanism for opening the door will not be clickable. For more details, attachments uploaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kqbce07ske9kkp0/PoE_v1.03.0524_%5BBUG%5D%5BOLD%20Nua%5D%5BLvl13%5D%20Mechanism%20for%20opening%20Wall%20is%20not%20clickable.zip?dl=0 http://i.imgur.com/EmKXbdL.jpg
  19. Use a AoE CC like "Call to Slumber" on Mage class, it works great on the shades,
  20. Actually it's ok to ask here, since the Devs will be sending the hotfix for reupload to GoG. And yes it was a bit sonfusing, as for example it would be much clearer if they went on with 1.04 numbering instead of sticking to 1.03. And since i bought the GoG version, they have there own numbering on the patch 2.x.x.x gets strange
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