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  1. This bug occurs when very specific conditions are met. I had focused on Defiance Bay instead of The Endless Paths and ended up very far in the city before trying to reforge the blade. I went for it only when the knights got overrun by golems and I spoke to the smiths when he was standing by his leader in the room with map. When I asked him to reforge the blade, dialogue proceeded as it should have and camera jumped to the forge (covered with fog of war). My team and the smith remained in the map room and conversation was interrupted. I didn't get my sword, there are no dialog options about
  2. Check resolution in options (set to your screen's native), check whether there's a fixed resolution and screen centering method enforced in your graphics driver (disable any enforcing), disable the cheat engine. In this order. If these doesn't fix it, I've hot nothing more
  3. Yeah, like in the whole Dragon Age series, wizards are extremely overpowered in PoE. I've restarted my game because it was too easy with a wizard as the head of my team. Frankly, I cannot imagine playing alone with any single character on PotD because enemy crowds always have various crippling skills and e.g. there is no way to counter being paralyzed/petrified without a priest. Also, I dread to think how long some solo battles would take. Enemies in PoE actually hit very often and only extreme endurance together with high deflection and damage reduction make them seem harmless. Make sure
  4. A good RPG game should never allow you reach the maximum level. Thee shouldn't be something like that at all. There are several reasons for that: 1) Experience becomes a progress meter. Every time you level up, you feel like the game is closing to an end. You are not exploring the world, but ticking off another portion of it. It's simply sad. 2) Character development is one of the most important aspects of a role-playing game and shouldn't disappear. The moment you reach maximum level, a part of the game expires. 3) It's plainly stupid 4) There's no reason for an experience cap, es
  5. Another reason to never use GOG again.
  6. I found a ring that increases Aloth's intellect by +1. Orlean ring of something. Every time I remove the ring, his intellect permanently decreases by 1. Now my mage has intellect of 1, +4 bonus from nice bedding included. Luckily, this ring doesn't seem to affect other characters in the same way, and other stat-boosting items in possession of my team do not seem to suffer from the same effect. Still, I don't know how bad I had screwed my team already because I doubt that only this ring is "cursed" in this fashion. You guys are like Paradox Interactive. Apparently, I paid you to participate
  7. Yeah... I have quite a lot to add to this thread. 1. Path-finding It's extremely annoying. Party members just run against a wall and... keep running into it instead of going around. It completely ruins the mood. Seriously. They are also incapable of moving into range with two-handed, long weapons. They will just run around the party member that is engaging the opponent(s) and do nothing unless they are in a clear, large space where they can reach their target going only in straight line. Narrow passages are also a huge problem. You never know where it's still "corridor" and where it al
  8. Something that's not gamebreaking, though annoying as hell. Appeared only after the hotfix was applied. Looted bodies remain on ground as unclickable, shiny, sparkling objects and the ground is simply littered with them. When I move my party around as a stack, I can sometimes click at one of the bodies, a party member approaches it, opens an empty container and when I close the popup, the body at least stops to sparkle. It's still there as a theoretically clickable object but I cannot interact with it anymore. Carcasses disappear when I leave the area and enter it back. Posting sc
  9. I'd strongly prefer having to download 600MB from GOG (an hour or so to complete) than having no patches at all, as it is now. I'm stuck with the unfixed 1.3 that is simply unplayable.
  10. I have no issues with performance but my rig is by far more powerful than what most people report here. All the same, game and in general software optimization is a serious issue. It's really a shame that this game needs so much resources in comparison with games that have much more to show.
  11. Some of my spells report like 5000 dmg but everything works properly so it's only a bug in description.
  12. Yeah, it's kinda disturbing lol. I locked myself in the archives and panicked for a moment. You need to ram yourself onto the door, the game will glitch and you'll be able to see through them for a moment and then you can click the door again. Use slow game pace for it.
  13. Then I need to put my game on hold for now because lockpicking is simply broken. I came across two more locked doors in the Kurwidołek of the city and they are unwilling to comply either. Dungeons and Dragons evolved into Errors and Bugs.
  14. It's patched to the latest GOG release: 1.03.0524 And the 2nd thing... It seems to be the issue you've reported. The wall is not clickable and the mechanism in the center doesn't even acts like something with what one could interact. I was unable to open the center door as well but I guess that there are things that need to be done before I accomplish it, like learning how to talk with those souls, so I'll be asking about it only if I fail on my own
  15. Two things. I'm exploring the Defiance Bay (if that's what it's called in English) and I came across Valian Embassy. There are two locked coffers, both require lockpick skill check to open but my rouge cannot interact with them. When someone with too low skill tries to open it, it acts like a standard locked object, but when my rogue with adequate skills wants to interact with it, nothing happens. The cursor changes to padlock but clicking on it does nothing. The second thing in a similar manner is a wall on the -12th or -13th level of my keep, the level where you look for trinkets for
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