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  1. Yes. Just followed the intructions on the sticky, Ran as administrator and disabled MSAA. The game runes fine now at 37 average fps. Im happy now. Although i know it could be better.
  2. You also have a weak CPU... But I'll soon be able to test this theory when the game finishes installing on my X230 and I'll be able to see how the HD 4000 runs when not paired with an ultra low voltage processor. I will be eagerly waiting.
  3. Actually Yes, I have a decent grasp of D and C#. But of course im no game developer.
  4. Yes, i did follow those intructions on the sticky and it helped considerably. Stil. That is no excuse for a game with this calibre of graphics and animations to run this bad. Its not about developing for older hardware. Its about developing bad habbits. If you simply let things like this happen, they will continue on that path of making slower software. Software will get slower than hardware gets faster. Thats the problem. If you think this is about consumerism and making people buy new hardware. Making your game run like crap isnt the best way to do it. Trust me.
  5. Sorry to break your hearts guys but no, it doesnt run very well. I just made a post with my laptop specs with IntelHD 4000 and the game doesnt run very well. I suspect it would be worse for you guys.
  6. This game runs at literally 23fps average. Even GrindWars 2 runs at a steady 40fps on low settings on my laptop. Even skyrim on medium runs at 30fps. Even runescape WHICH IS MADE IN JAVA runs fine. Intel core i5 3317u Intel HD 4000 4gb DDR3 120GB SSD What happened to real programmers? When games used to be optimized? It almost feels like someone paid Obsidian to make the game run like crap to force people to buy new hardware. Im not even joking. Cant EDIT: Title edited.
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