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  1. 1. Can you remove enchantments? I enchanted a Unique weapon with a secondary, and I want to change it. 2. Can you rename equipment or force the game to? I had a Fine weapon and made it Exceptional and it kept the Fine name. For example, Fine War Bow with a Exceptional enchantment is still named a "Fine War Bow."
  2. I keep reloading trying to figure out a way so I don't have to decide and make them just fight each other. I'm a Ranger and I only get the option to make Irensi walk away and Sul gets mad at me anyways. What do the options for Einden get you? And... how do you actually make them fight each other if it's possible?
  3. HAHA, I did the same thing. I closed the door in Lady Webb's office and couldn't open it. HOWEVER, I got super lucky. I'm a Ranger with a bear, just kept clicking outside the door and my bear somehow teleported outside it. Since now the bear can SEE the front of the door, I could open it from the back. Yeah, I think the problem is that the interactable part of the door only works if you can see the front of it.
  4. I closed a door when I was inside it to avoid detection so I can ransack the room. However, I'm trying to open the door, but the door icon never shows up. Almost like, you have to be able to SEE the front of the door to get the icon to show up.
  5. I have multiple monitors and I'm playing on Full Screen. I generally play in Windowed mode, but neither mode "locks" the mouse in the game, which prevents me from scrolling the side of the screen. Whenever there's a dialogue, it unlocks the mouse even in Full Screen. The only way to lock the mouse is to click the game in the taskbar each time. So everytime there's a dialogue, I have to click back to the taskbar each time. Really annoying...
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